FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Firm™ helps business leaders adapt to change and uncertainty – and stay one step ahead of complex futures.


One of the world’s Top 25 Consulting Companies, we’ve served as strategic consultants and trends experts for over 1000 of the world’s best-known brands.

As one of today’s best-known futurist consultant groups, and trends consulting firms, we help organizations answer complex strategic questions – and adapt to a world of growing change and uncertainty. Applying a mix of qualitative insights, quantitative market research, and strategic foresight to solve problems, we track emerging market signals and trends to help partners stay ahead of the trends that impact their future.




– Giving keynote speeches and workshops on trending business and technology topics


– Teaching and training organizations how to spot and adapt to future trends


– Providing market research and insight into breaking subjects of interest


– Explaining how new trends + tech (metaverse, blockchain, etc.) will change industries


– Designing strategy + scenario planning exercises that help firms prepare for future events


Partners regularly ask us to:


– Identify new growth opportunities and markets to explore

– Aid with risk management and steering past market challenges

– Create use-cases and strategic scenarios to build business + marketing strategies around

– Help design the world’s bestselling products, services, and solutions

– Plan for the future of work, return to work, and new supply chain normal

– Provide leadership + professional development via keynote speeches, workshops, and classes

– Train tomorrow’s leaders to succeed despite change and disruption

Over 1000+ customers and clients have turned to our award-winning futurist keynote speakers, market researchers, and industry analysts to build future pathways to success. Our models and methodologies have also been used to train thousands of senior leaders in every space over the last 20 years.




Strategic Consulting for Trillion-Dollar Firms

  • Trends Consultants for the World’s Largest Investment Funds

  • Advisers to Billion-Dollar Startups

  • Thought Leaders for Hundreds of Media Outlets

  • Over 1000 Live + Online Event Appearances


Sample industries that we serve include:


Associations | Banking | Beauty | Cloud Computing | Consumer Products | Energy / Oil & Gas | Finance | Government | Healthcare | Hospitality| Hotels | Insurance | Manufacturing | Retail | Restaurants | Security | Technology | Telecommunications | Transportation | Travel | Utilities