Hire our award-winning futurists to provide custom market research, business intelligence, trends insights, scenario planning, and strategic consulting services for your organization.


Our Fast >> Forward™ programs can help your organization learn how to plan around uncertainty, future-proof your business, and think like a futurist. Participants won’t just learn how to build competitive advantage and design more resilient strategies – they’ll also learn how to Discover Tomorrow’s Trends Today™.
A running 3- to 12-month collaboration between FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Company’s award-winning futurists and your executive team, Fast >> Forward programs are designed to help you make smarter business decisions – and enjoy greater control over your future.
Every month or every quarter, we’ll coach your team in strategy and scenario planning, and lead executives through trendspotting and strategic exercises designed to help you stay ahead of emerging disruption. As part of these programs – based on our bestselling books Think Like a Futurist; FAST >> FORWARD: How to Achieve Business, Sales, and Career Growth; and Make Change Work for You – you’ll enjoy:
Keynote speaking, breakout, and training class presentations
Monthly or quarterly live or virtual training exercises and workshops
Opportunities to brainstorm and collaborate with award-winning futurists
Custom business intelligence, consumer insights, and trends market research
Tools, resources, and methodologies that can help you accelerate change and growth
Wondering which trends will define the future of your chosen industry? What it takes to differentiate and stand out from competitors? How customers’ habits and buying preferences are changing? Our Fast >> Forward programs can help – and give your executive leadership and management teams the resources and training that you need to adapt to whatever the future brings.
To find out more about how we can help you adapt to a growingly uncertain future, please contact us today!