Partners and Associates


Tim Stanton – Tim is a seasoned management consultant with a 20+ year focus on helping large global organizations adapt to changing generational shifts and trends, and undertake business/digital transformation initiatives. Areas of expertise including emerging trends, generational shifts, and strategic advisory/planning services, as well as business process improvement, organizational analysis, enterprise change management, and systems implementation. Select clients he’s helped adapt to new generational shifts and emerging market trends include: AT&T, Deutsche Bank, Facebook, Fannie Mae, U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Home Depot, Verizon, Vodafone and more.

David Thomas – David is a noted analyst and management consultant in the areas of generational trends, market trends, the future of workplace innovation, and shifts in consumer habits. He also serves as Executive Director of Online Programming for the University of Colorado Denver, where he helps executives in every space learn to adapt to changing industries and emerging trends. As a management consulting expert and celebrated industry thought leader, he empowers tomorrow’s business leaders to work more effectively, embrace change management, and put strategic plans in place that promote resiliency and growth – even in the face of market changes. He’s frequently called upon by clients to add with workforce innovation and leadership strategy.

TT Rendetti – A project manager and consultant to today’s largest and most-acclaimed universities, non-profits, and corporations, TT helps provide clients with the leadership and training tools that they need to drive growth, spark positive change, and inspire innovation at scale. Having designed educational programs, events, and entire partner ecosystems, she specializes in making complex concepts simple – and translating them into actionable strategy. Recent forays include helping consumer technology firms build winning product roadmaps and rollouts; design community health programs for the nation’s best-known colleges and non-profits; and provide insights into shifting generational trends for a variety of clients.

Bjorn Larsson – The founder and CEO of multiple startups in the digital media, entertainment, and mobile app development worlds over the past 20+ years, Bjorn Larsson not only advises on management and marketing strategy. As the head of Legendo Entertainment (creators of the smash hit ACE MADDOX and Pure Pinball series), and a veteran startup investor, he’s also funded and overseen project management, content development, and financing for dozens of software, multimedia, and musical publishing productions. With a strong background in product planning and development, and the creation of successful retail and distribution partnerships, he helps clients in every space adapt to shifting trends and digital transformation.

Martin Korda – BAFTA-winning management and design thinking consultant Martin Korda has served for over 15 years as a strategic adviser to the biggest names in digital retail, online commerce, entertainment, media, and more. His experience spans a wide range of disciplines from product design and customer experience to change management, and solutions he has worked on have sold upwards of 100 million units worldwide. Among the industry’s most widely-published authorities, and a former professional critic for numerous leading outlets, Korda’s work hasn’t just helped clients inform the shape of many of the world’s best-known brands – he’s also helped partners generate in excess of $5 billion in sales.


Kris Lawton – A senior partner in our management consulting practice and operations management team, Kris works with organizations in a variety of fields (retail, manufacturing, technology, telecom, etc.) to design winning solutions and strategies at enterprise-level scale. A trusted adviser to many of today’s most well-known consumer and business-to-business brands, he also provides product testing, market research, and business intelligence services that help make sense of changing competitive landscapes and consumer behaviors. With over 25 years of experiencing building both companies and teams, he works with our international and domestic offices to help provide clients with global insights that they can count on to make sense of ongoing geopolotical and economic upheaval – as well as a business environment of growing disruption.

Robert Lindsley – A former executive for Unilever and multiple leading startups, Bob Lindsley assists clients in the areas of corporate strategy, go-to-market strategy, and marketing and sales development. Over the past 30 years, he’s provided market research and business intelligence into the shape of evolving marketplaces and emerging trends for businesses in myriad spaces from wellness and healthcare to consumer packaged goods, information technology (IT), and consumer packaged goods. His expert eye for what’s coming next has led to a successful career throughout APAC and European territories as well as North America, where he currently assists clients as they work to adapt to a post-COVID-19 world, the future of work, and the new operating normal.

Alec Meer -A consultant to our digital media and entertainment, consumer technology, and video game industry practices, Alec has written for and edited countless major outlets over his two decades in technology and games media, and was the co-founder of hit gaming site Based in the UK, he now works as a consultant in both fields, as well as in narrative design and writing for games.

Glenn Mandel – The founder of Escalate Communications, Glenn Mandel heads up FutureProof Strategies’ PR and publicity efforts. A seasoned public relations and media relations professional, he boasts 30 years of national PR agency experience leading major brand accounts. Career highlights include creating and leading award-winning communications campaigns across multiple industries including: lifestyle, business, gaming, wireless, apps, technology, entertainment, sports, health/fitness, food/beverage, real estate, gadgets/gear, travel, Internet, consumer goods/products, restaurant, retail and marketing. Sample accounts he’s worked on include Google, Nintendo, Microsoft, Ally Bank, Lending Tree, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Bungie, JVC, Subway restaurants, Alltel Wireless and Nielsen.