We serve as strategic consultants and expert trendspotters for the world’s biggest brands.


FutureProof Strateges: The Futurist Consulting Firm™ helps management teams adapt to change, steer through uncertainty, and stay one step ahead of new and emerging trends. We serve as strategic advisers and trends consulting experts who help craft business strategy, marketing strategy, and the shape of new products, services, and solutions.


Consulting services range from strategic planning and trend forecasting to risk modeling, competitive analysis, and new venture development.


Looking to unleash creativity and innovation in your business? We literally wrote the (bestselling) book on it – and how to think like a futurist.

Management consulting, trend forecasting, and strategic planning engagements can be scheduled as keynote speeches, breakouts, and workshops – or consulting projects running in length from several weeks to several months.


Areas we can assist with are:


Decision-Making and Strategy Development – We aid business, association, and non-profit executive leaders as they make the decisions that impact the shape of their future.


The Return to Work: Adapting to COVID-19 – Identifying and crafting future of work, operating, and business strategies that allow you to maintain productivity and sales performance, despite challenges relating to supply chain disruption and Delta, Omicron, and other variants’ related concerns.


Improving Your Strategic Foresight – Improve your approach to risk management with our tools, methods, and frameworks for spotting and adapting to competitors and emerging trends. Every year, our training classes and courses teach thousands of executive leaders to think like futurists.


Strategic Planning and Scenario Development – Plotting and developing future scenarios and leveraging strategic planning methods to chart a course through emerging global trends, rising uncertainty, and new industry developments.


Business Planning and Visioning – Assisting executive teams as they work to create new sources of brand differentiation and competitive advantage.


Trendspotting and Business Intelligence – Helping businesses stay attuned to rising trends and develop internal radar systems that make it simpler to spot emerging opportunities and challenges so that they can make better strategic decisions.