Scenario Planning


As we often remind business partners, uncertainty is the only certainty and unpredictability the only thing that business leaders can predict today. That’s why futurist scenario planning and strategy sessions are designed to help teams spot and predict emerging trends more effectively, and successfully work through future scenarios. Capable of helping you identify new rising challenges and opportunities, and new areas of business (and business strategies) to explore, half- and full-day programs are available for organizations in every field. In them, you’ll learn to more strategically plot future scenarios, guard against disruption, and plan around multiple outcomes.


Strategy Facilitation


Learning to plan for and adapt to short, near, and long-term changes in your industry, and the broader business marketplace, is essential. As corporate hosts and meeting facilitators, Scott Steinberg and the team at FutureProof Strategies can help you prepare your organization and teams to successfully lead and succeed in the face of new trends, technologies, and developments. Within these programs, we’ll discuss best practices for innovation, disruption, and change management, as well as how to lead through uncertainty and develop new products, services, and solutions that make an impact. Strategy facilitation can be handled live onsite, or via virtual presentations and online webinars, and often include a keynote speech, Q&A session, roundtable conversations, and more.


Technology Consulting


Which technologies should you be relying on when building IT infrastructures, online apps, and cloud computing solutions? How can you most reliably leverage emerging tech to boost the bottom line and increase agility? Via a mix of real-world case studies and proven consulting insights, we’ll work with your staff to do market research, conduct due diligence, and provide education into the best business solutions for your enterprise. From learning to adapt to market changes brought on by COVID-19 and coronavirus-related concerns to brainstorming new business models or ways to solve problems and cut costs, we can show you how to use cutting-edge technology to positive effect.