Hiring an advertising technology expert witness only makes sense. The adtech landscape is immensely complicated, comprised of layered systems, algorithms, data integrations and platform configurations that most people cannot fully decipher. At the same time, like top advertising technology expert witness consulting firms remind, the infrastructure that powers digital advertising delivery and tracking is also a source of frequent legal conflicts involving issues like fraud, privacy violations, discrepancies and contractual breaches.

With fluency across the industry supply chain, partners who have a knack for marketing concerns lend vital knowledge and guidance surrounding a variety of issues, including:

  1. Programmatic Platform Setups and Bid Stream Data – Scrutinizing components like ad exchange and supply-side platform configurations, bid landscape mechanics, header bidding integrations, unified ID solutions, inventory queues and more to identify potential issues or concerns.
  2. Audience Data Practices and Privacy Compliance
    – Examining the usage of third-party audience data, cookie handling, mobile IDs, location data and other data practices through the lens of evolving privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and more as an advertising technology expert witness.
  3. Traffic Filtering and Anti-Fraud Measures – Analyzing invalid traffic detection systems, VPAID safeguards, domain blocklists/allowlists and other controls to assess whether fraudulent bot traffic successfully bypassed filters or proper mitigation protocols were followed.
  4. Cross-Platform Measurement Methodologies – Interpreting varying attribution models, deduplication logic, viewability standards and other factors impacting conversion tracking divergences between buy-side and sell-side measurement systems.
  5. Contextual Ad Categorization and Brand Safety – Evaluating the accuracy of page-level content categorization, semantic analysis and risk scoring algorithms that advertising technology expert witness professionals know are used to uphold brand suitability guidelines and protect advertisers from undesirable inventory.
  6. Evolving Identity Solutions and Targeting Tactics – Exploring the technical implications of alternative identity solutions like Unified ID 2.0, Privacy Sandbox proposals, mobile app ad IDs and new contextual targeting methods in development.
  7. Transparency, Disclosures and Fee Models – Examining the accessibility and auditability of pricing mechanics, bid data fees, arbitrage practices, contract terms and other areas of obscured transparency that create legal vulnerability.


In courtroom settings, advertising technology expert witness companies deliver credibility by articulating complex programmatic concepts in understandable terms. Drawing from careers working within major platforms and ad tech vendors, they can interpret system data flows, delve into code, and delineate specific factors contributing to alleged issues or areas of dispute.

Noted expertise translates technical nuances into clear analyses that equip attorneys and proceedings to accurately assess AdTech-related matters and corresponding liabilities. Top third-party sources provide critical context often unavailable or incomprehensible to non-practitioners.