Today’s best futurist speakers, futurologist strategic forecasters and thought-provoking influencers possess a kaleidoscopic, interdisciplinary grasp of the myriad interwoven forces reshaping our world. Beyond the more frequently discussed technological and societal shifts, the best futurist speakers also dive into a diverse array of provocative adjacent realms. We figured it made sense to look at 15 avenues of research that leading-edge presenters examine in their foresight-oriented keynotes:

1. Future of Food Systems
From cellular agriculture, precision fermentation and genetic crop engineering to urban vertical farming and the disruption of the entire agribusiness value chain.

2. Energy Transformation
The renewable energy revolution, decentralization via P2P microgrids, nuclear fusion viability, and transitioning to a hydrogen or solar economy.

3. Longevity Escape Velocity
Overcoming biological aging through regenerative medicine, rejuvenation therapies, genetic enhancement, and mind uploading to attain indefinite life extension as top topics for best futurist speakers.

4. Neurotechnology and Brain-Computer Interfacing
Seamless neural integration with AI, cognitive augmentation, and forgingeras of super-intelligence and conscious software minds.

5. Molecular Nanotechnology and Molecular Manufacturing
Scenarios around nano-assembler fabrication, material abundance, atomic-scale engineering and radically altered manufacturing paradigms.

6. Interplanetary Human Settlement
The emerging new space economy, space resource mining, off-world human habitats, terraforming celestial bodies, and reaching the stars.

7. Consciousness Studies and Non-Biological Intelligence
Debates around the nature of consciousness, mind uploading, simulated realities, and divergent paths for intelligence to potentially transcend biology tend to fascinate tomorrow’s best futurist speakers.

8. Existential Risks and Catastrophic Scenarios
Futurists weigh potential civilization destabilizing or extinction-level events from climate change, engineered pandemics, nuclear war, and unfriendly AI.

9. The Simulated Universe Hypothesis
Philosophical perspectives on whether we may already be living in an ancestral simulation, and the implications of creating simulations ourselves.

10. Alternative Economic Frameworks
Transitioning to post-scarcity, post-capitalist models like resource-based economies, crypto-monetarism, and abandoning human labor and markets.

11. Future Governance Systems and Models
Global technocracy, AI-assisted democracy, geo-anarchism, charter cities, corporate nation-states, and radical transparency schemas.

12. Human Bio-Enhancement and Directed Evolution
Genetic engineering of optimal “human 2.0” traits, moral bio-enhancement, cognitive and physiological augmentation via gene editing and biotech are also among best futurist speakers and presenters’ top avenues of exploration.

13. Abundance and Resource Access Democratization
The implications of decentralized production via molecular manufacturing and digital fabrication for achieving radical abundance.

14. Changing Human Identity and Cultural Evolution
Futurist perspectives on technological and scientific drivers redefining humanity’s self-conceptualization, values, and evolution as a species.

15. Xenoscience and Unknown Unknowns
Speculations around potentially paradigm-shattering discoveries about the cosmos and nature of reality upending our conventional wisdom.

By fearlessly exploring such profound realms of possibility and uncertainty, the vanguard of best futurist speakers push audiences to question core assumptions and expand their anticipation for potentially cataclysmic or utopian shifts lying ahead.