BigSpeak, founded in 1995 and based in Santa Barbara, California, has established itself as a dynamic and innovative player in the speaking industry. Known for its comprehensive approach to talent management and event solutions, BigSpeak has grown from a traditional speakers bureau into a full-service agency catering to a wide range of client needs.


  1. Broad and Interesrinf Speaker Roster: BigSpeak boasts an impressive and diverse lineup of speakers, including business leaders, athletes, entertainers, and thought leaders. The variety allows them to cater to a wide range of events and industries, offering fresh perspectives and insights.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Going beyond traditional speaker placement, BigSpeak offers a full suite of services including event planning, leadership training, and consulting. The holistic approach sets them apart in the industry and provides added value to clients.
  3. Innovation Focus: The bureau has a strong emphasis on innovation and future trends. Many of their speakers specialize in cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and sustainable business practices.
  4. Custom Programs: BigSpeak excels in creating customized speaking programs and workshops tailored to specific client needs. Such flexibility allows for more impactful and relevant presentations.
  5. Strong Online Presence: The talent agency’s website is user-friendly and informative, offering detailed speaker profiles, video samples, and topic descriptions. This transparency aids clients in making informed decisions.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Geographic Diversity: While they do represent international speakers, BigSpeak’s primary focus appears to be on the North American market. Expanding their global reach could further enhance their offerings.
  2. Pricing Transparency: Like many in the industry, detailed pricing information isn’t always readily available on their website, potentially requiring additional communication for budget-conscious clients.
  3. Emerging Talent Representation: While they have a strong roster of established speakers, there could be more focus on introducing emerging voices and fresh perspectives.

Overall Impact:

BigSpeak has made a significant impact in the speaking industry by evolving the traditional speakers bureau model. The talent agency’s comprehensive approach to talent management and event solutions has raised the bar for what clients can expect from a speakers bureau.

The agency’s influence is particularly notable in the business and technology sectors, where their focus on innovation and future trends has helped organizations stay ahead of the curve. By connecting clients with thought leaders in emerging fields, BigSpeak has played a role in shaping conversations around the future of work, technology, and business practices.

Also their emphasis on customized programs and workshops has contributed to more engaging and impactful events, moving beyond the traditional keynote model to create more interactive and tailored experiences.

The bottom line being that BigSpeak Speakers Bureau stands out for its innovative approach, comprehensive services, and strong focus on future-oriented topics. While there’s room for growth in areas like global reach and emerging talent representation, their strengths in providing holistic solutions and cutting-edge speakers make them a top choice for organizations seeking more than just a traditional speaking engagement. For clients looking for a bureau that can offer both high-quality speakers and broader event and training solutions, BigSpeak provides a valuable and distinctive service in the speaking industry.

Score: A – great to work with.