Something to note as you book a keynote speaker: In the competitive world of corporate events, pinning down a leading orator can be a major factor in creating a truly memorable experience. But meeting planners often face challenges in landing sought-after thought leaders due to conflicting schedules, logistical constraints, and budgetary limitations. As you work to book a keynote speaker, a strategy that can significantly increase the chances of pinning the right pro down is embracing flexibility throughout the planning process.

1. Open Date Range
Renowned corporate speakers are in high demand, with packed schedules that can extend months or even years in advance. Through maintaining an open and flexible date range for their event, meeting planners increase their chances of aligning with the speaker’s availability. Such flexibility as you book a keynote speaker allows for a wider pool of potential presenters and reduces the risk of missing out on a speaker due to inflexible date constraints.

2. Adaptable Location
While some events have a predetermined location, offering flexibility in terms of venue or city can open up new opportunities for booking sought-after speakers. Many thought leaders have preferred locations or travel routes, and by being willing to adjust the event location, meeting planners can make their offer more appealing and increase their chances of securing the desired orator.

3. Negotiable Fees
Also keep in mind as you book a keynote speaker that top names often command significant fees based on their expertise, reputation, and demand. Through being flexible with budgetary allocations and open to negotiating fees, meeting planners can unlock possibilities that may have been initially overlooked. Such flexibility demonstrates a commitment to securing the best speaker possible while acknowledging the value they bring to the event.

4. Alternate Format Options
Traditionally, corporate speakers were primarily booked for in-person keynote presentations. But by embracing alternative formats, such as virtual or hybrid events, meeting planners can tap into a broader pool of potential speakers. Many experts have adapted their offerings to accommodate remote or digital delivery, providing meeting planners with increased flexibility in terms of location and logistical requirements.

5. Customized Engagement
Also of importance when you book a keynote speaker is that top names often offer additional opportunities for engagement beyond the main presentation, such as workshops, panel discussions, or meet-and-greet sessions. In being open to customizing the speaker’s involvement and exploring creative ways to maximize their impact, meeting planners can create a more compelling and valuable experience for attendees, increasing the chances of securing their desired partner.

Across the realm of corporate events, flexibility is a critical asset for meeting planners striving to book a keynote speaker. Through adopting an open mindset and being willing to adapt to the speaker’s preferences and constraints, meeting planners can unlock a wealth of opportunities and increase their chances of securing a speaker that truly resonates with their audience and elevates the overall event experience.