What Branded Content Editors Add to Content Marketing Campaigns and Editorial Strategy

What Branded Content Editors Add to Content Marketing Campaigns and Editorial Strategy

Give branded content editors some credit: In today’s media landscape where ad avoidance is the norm and consumer attention is the ultimate commodity, brands are turning to editorial marketing as an engaging way to connect with audiences. Central to creating compelling material is the branded content editor.

Perhaps the best way to think about things in the space is as follows. A branded content editor is an editorial professional who specializes in developing and producing high-quality content on behalf of a brand. They serve as storytellers, crafting narratives that integrate a brand’s key messages, products, and services into content that provides value to the target audience.

The role blends skills from journalism, content marketing, creative writing, and brand strategy. Branded content editors have a knack for turning brand narratives into content pieces that are informative, entertaining, emotionally resonant, and designed to build affinity rather than explicitly sell.

A few among many top responsibilities include:

Content Strategy – Mapping out what content aligns with the brand persona and will resonate most with the audience across formats like articles, videos, podcasts, social posts and more.

Storytelling – Skillfully weaving brand elements into compelling stories and narratives through expert writing, editing, and content production.

Content Curation – Identifying customer pain points, topic interests, and conversations the brand can contribute valuable perspectives on.

Project Management – Collaborating with internal stakeholders, creative teams and subject matter experts to produce polished content assets.

Distribution & Amplification – Advising on distribution channels and promotional tactics to maximize content reach and engagement.

Performance Analysis – Measuring content performance through metrics like views, engagement, shares, leads and making optimization recommendations.

Branded content editors have a deep understanding of their brand’s identity, values, audience, and objectives. This enables them to craft content that balances the brand’s promotional goals with truly useful insights, information or entertainment for the end consumer.

The most effective branded content subtly reinforces brand tenets by providing enriching experiences – whether that means teaching a new skill, triggering an emotional response, or delivering trusted guidance. Branded content editors are masters of creating these immersive content vehicles.

As consumers become more immune to disruptive ads, branded content editors will play an increasingly vital role. Their ability to seamlessly blend brand narratives with relevant, best-in-class content experiences positions branded content as a powerful way for brands to add value and cultivate meaningful connections.