A business communication consultant works with organizations to improve their overall communication strategies and processes. They are brought in as experts to assess current communication systems, identify problem areas or gaps, and provide advice and solutions to enhance how information flows within companies and out to their customers and stakeholders.

Much of a business communication consultant’s role is conducting an audit of an organization’s existing communication channels and tools. That may encompass evaluating aspects such as corporate messaging frameworks, employee/leadership engagement dynamics, customer-facing content, media and analyst relations, crisis communication readiness, and digital footprint/social media presence. Through employee interviews, data analysis, observation of meetings, and assessing share of voice, the consultant gathers insights into improvement opportunities.

Once organizational communication challenges have been identified through the audit, the business communication consultant’s job becomes finding targeted ways to address those weak spots. That may mean introducing new communication processes and workflows, reducing organizational silos around messaging, opening additional communication avenues, mapping out crisis scenarios and responses, building employee advocacy, and creating communication training programs. The expert may also ghostwrite or edit content on behalf of company leaders to better resonate across platforms.

A vital component of a business communication consultant’s role looks at tone, voice, and corporate character. Messaging consistency, personality vulnerabilities, leadership alignment issues, or lack of audience awareness often undermine companies. Consultants may advise adjusting tone for improved transparency, approachability, decisiveness, or clarity. Refining corporate messaging voice is critical to differentiation, relatability, and brand identity.

From a tactical lens, communication consultants make recommendations on the formats, software, technologies, and apps organizations rely upon to message both internally and to the outside. Content should resonate across digital properties, social media emergences, in-person events, and both external and internal channels. Evaluating return on investment behind communication platforms falls under the consultant’s scope.

Business communication consultants lean on audit data, industry knowledge, communication expertise and seasoned judgment to get companies messaging more effectively. Smooth information flow fuels understanding, advocacy and unity across vital audiences. Strong communication fortifies companies amid volatile times.