Ask any cloud, mobile and online apps expert witness, consultant or keynote speaker and they’ll tell you: The role of online and cloud software applications only continues to grow in the commercial world as each day passes. But what questions should you be asking yourself as you think about the future of this connected technology and software development? Just a few sample queries to keep in mind are below:

Q: What do you think the future of work will hold from a technology and communications standpoint – and what types of mission-critical business applications will underpin it? How will they differ from those we see today?

Q: Which technologies – hybrid/multi-cloud, 5G high-speed networking, etc. – do you think will most deeply impact the shape of tomorrow’s business applications, and how do you think applications will continue to evolve to grow and capitalize on their potential?

Q: In a world of rising change and uncertainty, just how critical is it quickly becoming for organizations to be able to access vital applications – and the capabilities, information, and insights they offer on-demand?

Q: What do you see as some of the biggest operational and security threats are that these mission-critical apps face (increasingly large workloads, a rapidly-growing digital security perimeter, etc.) – and how can organizations better address them going forward?

Q: Are there any specific technologies or solutions (open source, Kubernetes, etc.) that you think will play a growingly prominent role in the future of mission critical apps and how we develop and deploy them?

Q: What’s the best way to secure and defend an increasingly complex and connected range of mission-critical business apps today and in coming years?

Q: Just how much stress and strain can the growing data and processing demands of today’s enterprise put on a legacy IT infrastructure? How will tomorrow’s IT infrastructure evolve and adapt to support enterprises’ growing appetite for cloud-based applications?

Q: Organizations are collecting growing mountains of information and analytics at every turn – but just how efficiently are the apps that support these businesses currently managing and leveraging them? In what ways will cloud apps continue to adapt and change going forward to address these concerns?

Q: Skyrocketing demands in terms of online and cloud-based workloads are also a rising challenge for enterprises – what types of mission-critical apps do you think will appear that are designed to help alleviate these concerns going forward?

Q: From a practical standpoint, what types of value-adding capabilities and features do you think tomorrow’s mission-critical business apps will offer – and why will they only become more critical to implement at every turn?

Q: Online applications have long been a hot topic for IT pros – but why is it important to reconsider how we think and talk about them in an age where computing is increasingly living in the cloud and on the edge?

Q: In a time of rising disruption and uncertainty, why is it critical to make underlying IT investments in forward-focused enterprise cloud/online apps – and why are they increasingly showing how readily they pay for themselves?