Leading conference emcee hosts are now top draws. Consider as follows: When planning a major meeting or convention, you’ve got to keep in mind a few points as you think about entertaining your guests. Chief among them: Booking the right conference emcee host is crucial for setting the tone and keeping things running smoothly. An MC acts as the event’s master of ceremonies – delivering opening/closing remarks, providing transition commentary, introducing speakers and segments, and engaging the audience throughout.

With such pivotal responsibilities, meeting planners are highly selective about the emcees they hire. They look for specific qualities and skills that will ensure a polished, professional experience. Here are some of the most important traits top emcees must possess:

Strong Public Speaking Ability Above all else, emcees must be exceptional public speakers. They need to able to project their voices clearly, annunciate well, and feel completely comfortable commanding a stage in front of large crowds. Meeting planners want emcees who can deliver their lines with enthusiasm, confidence and practiced poise.

Engaging Stage Presence Simply being a good speaker isn’t enough – emcees need to have an inherent charisma and stage presence that allows them to truly connect with the audience. Planners seek out emcees with likable personalities and the right mix of characteristics for their event’s vibe, whether lively and humorous or more serious and reserved.

Experience in Live Events While being a talented public speaker is key, top emcees must also have direct experience performing emcee duties at similar live events and venues. Planners want reassurance that an emcee has a proven track record and knows how to deftly move between script and improv, make on-the-fly adjustments, and troubleshoot any issues seamlessly.

Adaptability & Quick Thinking No matter how well-planned an event is, there are always unexpected changes or hiccups that come up. Emcees must be able to pivot and think on their feet without skipping a beat. Those who can smoothly and professionally navigate any situation are incredibly valuable.

Preparedness & Time Management With so many different pieces happening at conferences, timing and keeping everything meticulously organized is essential. Planners need emcees who will take time to properly prepare, study materials thoroughly, and stick to strict run-of-show schedules.

Audience Engagement Skills While delivering information is a must, emcees also need the ability to capture and hold attendees’ attention for long periods. Planners prize emcees who can warm up a crowd through activities, humor, improvisation and other tactics to keep energy levels high.

Industry Expertise & Context For many conferences and trade shows, planners prefer emcee hosts who have direct knowledge and experience related to that specific industry or subject matter. This background allows the emcee to better connect with the audience and provide more insightful, relevant context throughout the event.

In finding an emcee that embodies these qualities, meeting planners can have confidence their event will run like a well-oiled machine with the right commanding presence up on stage.