A creative thinking consultant is a consulting keynote speaker, trainer or workshop facilitator who specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations unlock their creative potential and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. Leaders bring expertise as creative thinking consultants in innovation processes, ideation techniques, and problem-solving methodologies to stimulate fresh thinking and drive innovation across various sectors.

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitating Creative Workshops: Consulting keynote speakers often lead workshops and brainstorming sessions designed to generate new ideas and approaches. Expert use various techniques such as mind mapping, lateral thinking exercises, and design thinking methodologies to encourage participants to think beyond conventional boundaries.
  2. Training and Skill Development: The best creative thinking consultants provide training to help individuals and teams develop their creative thinking skills. Think teaching specific creativity techniques, fostering a growth mindset, and helping people overcome mental blocks or biases that inhibit creative thinking.
  3. Problem-Solving: Pros assist organizations in tackling complex problems by applying creative approaches. Advisors help reframe issues, identify non-obvious connections, and generate unconventional solutions.
  4. Culture Change: Famous creative thinking consultants work with organizations to foster a culture of creativity and innovation. That means assessing the current organizational culture, identifying barriers to creativity, and recommending changes to policies, processes, and work environments to support creative thinking.
  5. Innovation Strategy: Partners specialize in helping companies develop and implement innovation strategies. We’re talking identifying areas ripe for innovation, setting up innovation labs or incubators, and creating processes for evaluating and implementing new ideas.
  6. Creative Project Management: Leaders oversee creative projects, ensuring that creative processes are effectively integrated with project management practices to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Skills and Expertise:

Creative thinking consultants typically pack all sorts of business skills:

  • Deep understanding of creative processes and cognitive science
  • Strong facilitation and communication skills
  • Knowledge of various ideation and problem-solving techniques
  • Ability to adapt methods to different industries and organizational cultures
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence to navigate group dynamics
  • Analytical skills to evaluate the effectiveness of creative interventions

Industries and Applications:

Creative thinking consultants work in various sectors, including:

  • Technology and software development
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Product design and development
  • Education and training
  • Business strategy and management consulting
  • Research and development in scientific fields
  • Arts and entertainment

Benefits of Engaging a Creative Thinking Consultant:

  • Fresh perspectives on longstanding challenges
  • Enhanced problem-solving capabilities within the organization
  • Increased innovation output and quality
  • Improved employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Development of a sustainable culture of creativity and innovation


Creative thinking consultants often face challenges such as resistance to change, skepticism about the value of creativity in certain industries, and the need to demonstrate tangible results from creative processes.

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of innovation and adaptability, top pros give organizations tools to drive innovation and maintain competitiveness in rapidly evolving markets.