Good morning everyone! I’m Jenny Smith, your moderator and tour guide for our time together today at the 2024-2025 Digital Transformation Conference. Welcome! We have an exciting program lined up featuring some of the industry’s greatest innovators who will be sharing leading insights and strategies around succeeding in our increasingly digital world across sectors.

To set the stage, let’s have a show of hands – who here feels like technological change is happening faster than you can keep pace with sometimes? I see lots of hands raised, so you’re not alone. The great news is we have amazing leaders ready to simplify the cutting edge for us.

Before we dive further into our content though, let’s cover a few housekeeping items to ensure we have the best experience possible over this power-packed day…[reviews schedule, breaks, location of restrooms, café, etc. and interactive tools being used if virtual/hybrid event]

Our morning will feature a “downloading digital” session with three phenomenal speakers focusing on digital transformation strategies from an organizational culture lens followed by a panel discussion. We’ll then have a 30-minute networking break in the expo hall. I encourage you to check out the innovative solution providers showcasing emerging technologies with demos – and win some giveaways!

We’ll reconvene at 11AM for an empowering talk on digital leadership models to engage cross-generational teams. Afterwards, we’ll divide into three breakout sessions based on industries relevant to you for deeper dives into real-world case studies. Discussion will continue over a buffet lunch.

This afternoon features a metaverse showcase I think you’ll find especially cutting edge revealing how virtual and physical realities will blend more going forward followed by a wisdom wrap-up addressing your most pressing questions left around digitization. We have leaders truly unveiling the art of the possible!

I’ll be emceeing us from session to magnificent session. If you need anything along the way, I’m your gal so please don’t hesitate to flag me down! Let’s embark on this exciting digital journey together. Our first speakers are ready in the green room…