Executive Speakers Bureau (ESB) comports itself as a respected contender in the competitive landscape of professional speaking engagements. Founded in 1993, the Tennessee-based bureau has built a solid reputation for connecting organizations with high-quality speakers for a wide range of events and purposes.

The bureau represents a broad array of talent, including business leaders, authors, athletes, politicians, and experts across various fields. Thanks to its connections, ESB to cater to a wide range of client needs, whether it’s a corporate conference, educational seminar, or motivational event. The talent agency’s selection of speakers covers topics from leadership and innovation to healthcare and technology, ensuring they can match speakers to almost any theme or industry.

The quality of speakers on ESB’s list is generally high. Many of their represented talents have impressive credentials and proven track records of delivering engaging, insightful presentations. ESB seems to prioritize not just recognizable names, but also speakers who can provide tangible value and impact to their audiences.

The talent agent’s website is user-friendly and informative. It allows clients to easily search for speakers by category, topic, or keyword. Each speaker’s profile provides comprehensive information, including their areas of expertise, speaking topics, and often video clips of past presentations. It’s all helpful for meeting and event planners.

Customer service too is an area where ESB particularly excels. Its team of agents is known for their responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to detail. All strive to understand partners’ specific needs and objectives, offering tailored recommendations and handling all aspects of the booking process efficiently.

Pricing at ESB is competitive within the industry. While fees for high-profile speakers can be substantial, ESB offers speakers across a range of price points, allowing them to work with various budgets. They’re also known for their transparency in pricing, which is appreciated by clients working within specific financial constraints.

An area where ESB stands out is their focus on building long-term relationships with both clients and speakers. The approach often results in a smoother booking process and better-matched speaking engagements.

ESB has also adapted well to the increasing demand for virtual speaking engagements. It offers a range of online and hybrid event solutions, demonstrating their ability to evolve with changing market needs.

From top to bottom Executive Speakers Bureau presents a solid option in the speaking industry. Its extensive roster of quality speakers, excellent customer service, and commitment to building lasting relationships make them a reliable choice for organizations seeking impactful speakers.

While they may not have the global reach of some larger bureaus, ESB’s personalized service and strong understanding of the U.S. market make them particularly appealing for events in North America. For those planning speaking events, Executive Speakers Bureau is certainly worthy of consideration.


Score: A