Lawyers turn to an expert witness locator when law firms need to identify and secure highly qualified testifying consultants to support their litigation strategy. Of course, in terms of directory and finder services, it almost goes without saying that the best expert witness locators in the business offer a comprehensive suite of services that go far beyond simply providing a list of names and CVs.

A premier firm starts by having a vast, proprietary database of pre-screened experts spanning virtually every imaginable discipline and subject area expertise. From niche scientific and technical fields to business operations and professional malpractice, a top-tier search directory has done the legwork to vet experts’ credentials, testified case histories, strengths and communication skills.

But an expert witness locator does much more than just match cases to experts. Companies handle all the administrative logistics around retaining the expert from vetting potential conflicts of interest to negotiating fee schedules and billing terms. The white-glove service saves attorneys valuable time and resources.

Perhaps most importantly, the top expert witness locators provide in-depth case strategy consultation services. Veteran staff can analyze the main issues and success factors, then recommend the specific experts and strategies such as timing of expert disclosures to optimize for a favorable outcome based on prior case experience.

Search partners also conduct practice depositions or facilitate pre-trial interviews to ensure the expert witness is prepared to effectively communicate their analysis in deposition and at trial. A skilled expert witness locator will even help craft illustrative exhibits, timelines and visual aids the expert can reference during testimony.

For particularly complex cases spanning multiple disciplines or jurisdictions, a directory partner can build out an entire team of specialized experts to provide cohesive, synergistic testimony to account for the various angles and issues that may arise.

From highly specialized medical matters to sophisticated financial damages calculations to intellectual property disputes, an expert witness locator is a secret weapon giving attorneys a strategic advantage throughout the entire litigation lifecycle. Working with a dedicated firm ensures clients have access to the finest subject matter authorities available when the stakes are highest.