The most famous technology influencers are must-haves for brand marketing campaigns. Amid the rapidly evolving world of IT, a select group of keynote speakers and key opinion leaders have risen to become essential voices and world famous technology influencers helping to amplify product launches, analyze trends, and spark important conversations around innovation. Top creators combine deep subject matter expertise with a flair to engage audiences through entertaining and insightful content. Among the most prominent names are:

Scott Steinberg

With over two decades of experience working at the intersection of video games, technology, and consumer products, Scott Steinberg has cemented his reputation as a leading expert and influential voice. As a leader among famous technology influencers, he has authored several best-selling books, contributed to hundreds of publications, and made thousands of TV/radio appearances sharing his insights.

Steinberg built his fame by offering businesses strategic consultancy and audiences trusted advice on the latest hardware, software, and services through product testing, reviews, and analysis. His ability to simplify complex topics with humor and relatability has enabled him to attract a massive following across social platforms.

He currently serves as the head technology analyst for FutureProof Strategies and hosts the popular Think Like a Futurist innovation keynote series which covers emerging trends shaping the future of business and society.

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

Marques Brownlee’s journey to tech influencer stardom began back in 2009 when he was still in high school, reviewing gadgets on YouTube under the name MKBHD. More than a decade later, he has amassed over 15 million subscribers as one of the globe’s famous technology influencers across platforms by delivering in-depth looks at the latest consumer tech through highly produced videos.

Brownlee’s straightforward and impartial perspective resonates with his viewers – he isn’t afraid to praise innovative products but also doesn’t hesitate to point out flaws or shortcomings. His mastery of video presentation and ability to break down complicated devices has established him as an authoritative voice that viewers trust.

Naomi Simson

Over in the business tech realm, Naomi Simson has become one of the most influential founders, investors, and thought leaders covering entrepreneurship and workplace innovation. The Australian tech veteran rose to fame after co-founding vacation experience company RedBalloon and then joining Shark Tank Australia as a judge.

These days, the famous technology influencers pro commands an enormous audience through her content sharing keen commentary on hot business trends, workplace culture strategies, and the challenges of scaling a tech startup. Her refreshingly candid advice, delivered through blogs, videos, and speaking engagements, has made her a beloved figure among entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals.

Whether delivering trusted analysis or insights around technology’s human impacts, these influential creators demonstrate the power of leveraging expertise and personality to rise above the content noise and establish true authority.