Working as franchise speakers, we’re frequently asked to touch on topics like the future of work, technology, business, leadership, and more. Happily, the good news for those wondering what’s coming next is that you can already get a head start on zeroing in on it just by asking yourself a number of pointed questions. So while we’re always happy to serve as franchise speakers and futurist consultants, take it from us – your organization can quickly get a headstart on building competitive advantage just by taking a more measured approach to considering what’s coming next.

  1. How will emerging technologies like self-service kiosks, mobile apps, robotics, and AI affect franchising business models and operations?


  1. What new franchise opportunities might arise in industries being disrupted by technology like food delivery, transportation, healthcare, finance, etc?


  1. How could augmented reality, virtual reality, and new retail experiences impact franchised locations and engage customers in new ways?


  1. What trends could emerge in using predictive data analytics, customer loyalty programs, and automation to optimize franchising?


  1. How will franchisors adapt training programs, operating procedures, and business models to utilize new technologies and innovations – and what do franchise speakers have to say about these concepts?


  1. How might shifting consumer preferences and demographics create opportunities for new franchise concepts catering to different needs?


  1. What risks or challenges do emerging technologies potentially create for franchisee roles, jobs, and profitability?


  1. How might the rise of ghost kitchens, virtual brands, and online sales impact franchised food businesses?


  1. What new franchise regulations, disclosure requirements, or legislative issues are on the horizon that franchisors should anticipate?


  1. How will franchisors balance introducing new technologies systemwide while allowing franchisees operational flexibility?


  1. What growing franchise categories and emerging opportunities seem most promising for aspiring franchisees to consider investing in?


  1. How will franchisors adapt franchisee recruitment, onboarding, training, and support as systems become more technology-enabled?


  1. How might franchising help small businesses compete with larger chains by leveraging branding, buying power, and operational systems?


  1. What new tools and capabilities do franchisors need to provide franchisees to help them utilize data and new technologies?


  1. How could platforms like the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain impact the franchising model in the future – and what are franchise speakers, futurists and industry thought leaders saying about the topic?


  1. What evolving technologies like electric vehicles, drones, sustainable materials, etc. could impact franchise operations and unit economics?


  1. How will franchises balance technology-enabled efficiency with customer experience and human interaction as automation increases?


  1. What innovations in modular construction, smart buildings, and sustainable materials could affect franchised locations?


  1. How will franchise agreements, royalties, and revenue sharing models adapt as technology reshapes operations and unit economics?


  1. What growing trends like globalization, niche demographics, and experiential retail could drive franchise growth opportunities?


  1. How will multi-unit franchisees adapt acquisition strategies and operating models given emerging disruptions to industries?


  1. How can franchisors enhance diversity and inclusion across franchisee recruitment, leadership, staffing, and supplier networks?


  1. How can franchises show leadership on issues like sustainability, ethical sourcing, diversity, and community impact increasingly valued by consumers?


  1. What risks or liabilities may arise from emerging technologies in areas like cybersecurity, privacy, automation, AI ethics, etc.?


  1. How might private equity investment reshape franchising by facilitating faster system growth but also increasing debt levels?


  1. What innovations could enable franchises to enhance customer personalization and loyalty through data analytics and CRM platforms?


  1. How will franchises need to evolve branding, marketing and customer engagement strategies for younger generations through social media?


  1. What potential impacts on franchise businesses could come from rising inflation, recession risks, and economic slowdowns?


  1. What emerging cross-sector technologies like cloud computing, IoT sensors, mobile apps, gig workforce platforms, etc. could transform franchising according to futurists, franchise speakers, etc.?


  1. How can franchise agreements provide clarity on data ownership and usage rights as customer data becomes increasingly valuable?