How to Secure the Future of Travel and Transportation – Security checkpoints that scan your face and you simply walk through. Airport terminals where you drop off bags, check in at kiosks, and never interact with a human being. Package pickup points and hotel rooms that use biometrics to detect your voice and speech patterns to verify you. Big changes are coming – we were asked to research and discuss.


Securing Enterprises in a Boundless Online/Digital World – There’s been a huge surge to different cloud solutions thanks to COVID-19 and the rise in digital transformation. But as companies seize the opportunity to make the shift, security teams are suddenly faced with understanding the risks associated with having a massive digital footprint across all sorts of sites and services. Our team was tapped to help a client think about how to secure an enterprise whose digital perimeter has grown by leaps and bounds.


How to Keep Your Company Secure in a Multi-Cloud World – Multi-cloud operating environments are clearly where the future of business is headed. But while they provide huge leaps in terms of scale and innovation, they also bring huge leaps in terms of security concerns. We were asked to explain how and why, in order to successfully safeguard in such complex environments, enterprises need threat detection and response solutions that can provide automated and deeper visibility across the whole scope of their potential attack surface, which is now massive.


The Future of Work: How to Create Cyber Awareness in Your Business – Cybersecurity is suddenly everyone’s responsibility from frontline workers on up to the CEO, and regular skills training and practice in real-world-grounded problem-solving scenarios is needed. But many businesses have no clue where to begin getting employees up to speed with these concerns. Our keynote speaking team was tapped to reveal how to provide the training and education inside an organization that can keep you and your staff ahead of high tech threats.


How Biometrics Will Transform the Future of Security – Forget thumbprint scanners. Now we can scan your face, eyes, voice, speech patterns, behaviors and more. Biometrics are rapidly being deployed in hospitals to help verify patients, factories to check in workers, and laboratories to allow staffers access to secure facilities and the ability to manipulate and unlock equipment without lifting a finger. Once again, our team’s research was leveraged to take a closer look at how these voice- and body-powered tools will define the future of security.