As futurist keynote speakers and future trends expert consultants. we’re humbled and honored to have recently received rave reviews for our work. We cannot thank our partners and members of the media enough for the kindness, support, and enthusiasm they’ve shown over the past 25+ years – and their continuing interest in our efforts to promote more awareness for futurism and the future of work and business. As ever, we sincerely appreciate your generosity and support! To quickly recap recent awards and accolades that we’ve been fortunate enough to receive:

Winner: 21st Century Icon Award – Ardent Techie (Technology Expert / Futurist)

Top 25 Consultants -Consulting Magazine

“Amazing speech… I think your lecture is so valuable and relevant, I am sure many people took al lot of takeaways – I did!”

-Zohar Tadmor Eilat, Chief People Officer, Cellebrite

“Thank you so much, Scott! Your session received accolades… and your advice was spot on. So many references to your insights throughout the day!”

Erin Lenox, Head of Commercial + National Markets, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from your keynote presentation in addition to the fireside chat. We covered some really interesting topics and provided a great session for the executives in the room.”

– Pete Londa, President & CEO, Tantalus Systems

“Thank you, Scott! It was an honor to host you and kick off the conference with such a great lecture. Your insightful presentation set the tone for the entire event, and your expertise and passion were evident in every word you shared. Our attendees were captivated by your knowledge and inspired by your ideas. Once again, thank you for your exceptional presentation. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and learn from your expertise.”

– Ella Ben Or, Global Organizational Development and Learning Director

“I had the pleasure of hearing Scott speak and could not have been more impressed with him. From how he interacts with his audience to really knowing all about trends and global culture to being a master of delivering and leading interesting and innovative discussions. He’s a down-to-earth, very intelligent consultant who never talks down to his audience + motivates them to get excited about thinking about how to connect brands with customers. He’s a gem!”

Lori Bring, SVP Talent Acquisition, Omnicom

“Scott Steinberg’s Think Like a Futurist program is a must-experience for any business leader interested in managing change in this post-pandemic environment. Scott’s insights into uncertainty, innovation, disruption, and trends analysis are critical for any business venture, present or future. Before seeking your own path to growth and wealth, avail yourself of Scott’s wealth of knowledge and insight.”

Bob Henderson, EVP, Associated Equipment Distributors

“Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge – we really appreciate your contribution to the success of our meeting! Our Association Executives Council members were very complimentary about your program: Lots of good information! It was a pleasure working with you and I certainly hope that our paths cross again soon as well: You are a gem.”

Patricia Lilly, Chief Thought Leadership Officer, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

Thinkers360: Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on:

  • Change Management
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Legal and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Public Relations

“Among today’s best-known trends experts/futurists” -USA Today

“Renowned futurist of 20 years” -CNBC

“One of today’s most celebrated consultants + keynote speakers” -Fast Company

“Award-winning futurist and influencer” –Reader’s Digest

“Expert on tech trends” -Wall St Journal

“One of the most celebrated business speakers + strategic innovation consultants” -Public Relations Society of America

World’s Leading Futurists -CEO Magazine

“One of the best gurus on innovation+competitive advantage strategies to accelerate growth” -European Commission

“Outstanding performance” –Gen CQ Brown, US Air Force

Top 20 Speakers: Strategy/Strategic Planning -KSI

“One of the nation’s top futurists” -FOX

“Leader of the future” -Management Today

Top 25 Motivational Speaker -eSpeakers

“Impressive work: Person of huge influence” -Authority magazine

“One of sector’s most prominent experts” -GSMA

“Brand marketing expert” -Forbes

“Quality service: Able to entertain all” -Influencer Times

“Leading business strategist” -Corporate Counsel magazine

“Regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated business speakers, futurists, authors and strategic innovation consultants” – PR News

“Renowned leader in today’s business strategies” – International Business Times