The Harry Walker Agency (HWA) is one of the most prestigious and long-standing speakers bureaus in the industry. Founded in 1946, HWA has built an unparalleled reputation for representing some of the world’s most influential leaders, thinkers, and celebrities.


  1. Unrivaled Speaker Roster: HWA’s most significant strength lies in its exceptional lineup of speakers. The agency represents an impressive array of former world leaders, including U.S. presidents, prime ministers, and other heads of state. Also their roster includes Nobel laureates, bestselling authors, business titans, and cultural icons. The level of access to high-profile individuals sets HWA apart in the industry.
  2. Global Influence: With its roster of international leaders and thinkers, HWA has a truly global reach. Talent agents excel at providing speakers who can offer authoritative insights on geopolitics, global economics, and international relations.
  3. Legacy and Reputation: HWA’s long-standing presence in the industry has allowed them to build strong relationships with both speakers and clients. Its reputation for professionalism and reliability is nearly unmatched.
  4. Expertise in High-Stakes Events: Given the caliber of their speakers, HWA has extensive experience managing high-profile, high-stakes events. Talent agents understand the unique requirements and sensitivities involved in working with world leaders and celebrities.
  5. Comprehensive Services: Beyond speaker placement, HWA offers a range of services including event planning assistance, content development, and logistical support for complex engagements.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Exclusivity and Pricing: The prestigious nature of HWA’s roster means that their services often come at a premium price point. Organizations with more limited budgets should speak to agents about what picks are within budget.
  2. Digital Presence: Although functional, HWA’s online platform could benefit from a couple tweaks to enhance user experience and provide more comprehensive information about their speakers and services.

Overall Impact:

The Harry Walker Agency has played a significant role in shaping public discourse on a global scale. By facilitating appearances of world leaders and influential thinkers at major events, talent agents have contributed to the exchange of ideas on crucial topics ranging from geopolitics and economics to social issues and technological advancement.

HWA’s influence extends beyond individual speaking engagements. Its ability to connect the world’s most prominent figures with diverse audiences has helped bridge gaps between leaders and the public, fostering understanding and dialogue on critical global issues.

Long story short – the Harry Walker Agency maintains its position as a leader in the speaking industry, particularly for high-profile, global events. While there’s room for growth in areas like digital presence, the bureau’s unparalleled access to world leaders and influential figures continues to make them a top choice for organizations seeking speakers of the highest caliber. HWA’s legacy, global reach, and continued excellence cement its status as a powerhouse in the world of professional speaking.

Raing: A+ – don’t miss out.