Meeting planners often ask: How do I get a keynote speaker to the event? It only makes sense: A great keynote speaker can elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. The right keynote sets the tone, engages the audience, and leaves a lasting impression. But know how do I get a keynote speaker to the event is super important, as booking a top-notch speaker requires thoughtful planning and intentional effort. Here are some tips to help you land a presenter who will captivate your attendees:

Know Your Objectives and How Much You Can Afford
Before reaching out to potential speakers, clearly define your event’s objectives and what you hope the keynote will accomplish. Do you want them to inform, inspire, or entertain the audience? Having specific goals in mind will help you identify speakers whose expertise and style align with your vision. Additionally, establish a realistic budget as keynote fees can range from a few thousand dollars to well into six figures for A-list celebrities.

Look Into Possible Thought Leaders
Once you have a target profile, start researching speakers who fit the bill. Industry publications, speaker bureaus, and event websites are great resources to find keynote options. As you explore possibilities, assess each speaker’s topical expertise, reputation, audience feedback, and fees. Create a shortlist of your top candidates.

Make Your Pitch
When you identify your ideal keynote speaker, craft a compelling pitch that sells them on your event. Clearly communicate the event’s purpose, expected attendees, and how the speaker’s participation will be mutually beneficial. If negotiating fees, explore alternatives like profit sharing or selling their products on-site.

Manage Logistics
If the speaker accepts, promptly send a detailed contract covering all obligations, including travel, accommodation, AV requirements, recording permissions, and payment terms. Ensure you have a dedicated point person to coordinate with the speaker’s team and make them feel valued every step of the way.

Promote Strategically
Having landed a fantastic keynote speaker, maximize their draw by promoting their involvement prominently across your event marketing channels. Use email campaigns, social media, and your event website to build anticipation and boost ticket sales by spotlighting the keynote’s credentials.

With meticulous preparation, strategic outreach, and professional coordination, you can secure a keynote speaker who energizes your event and delivers enduring value for your attendees. The right keynote will be a highlight that enhances your event’s success.