Q: How do you ask someone to be a keynote speaker? Landing a compelling pick is often the critical linchpin for a successful event, after all. The right keynote can energize your attendees, spark new ideas, and elevate your entire program. But knowing how do you ask someone to be a keynote speaker is critical, as landing a top-tier presenter requires a thoughtful and persuasive approach. Below are some tips for asking someone to be your keynote speaker and making an enticing pitch they can’t refuse.

Do the Homework

Before you reach out, thoroughly research potential keynote speakers to ensure they are an ideal fit for your event’s goals, audience, and theme. Review their background, expertise, speaking topics, and audience feedback. Having this context will allow you to make a more informed and tailored invitation.

Make a Personal Connection
While keynote speakers are professionals, a personalized approach can go a long way. If possible, try to get a warm introduction from a mutual connection or colleague who can vouch for your event. Personalizing your pitch shows you’ve invested time understanding who the speaker is and their unique value.

Sell the Opportunity When formally asking someone to keynote, position it as an incredible opportunity that will benefit both parties. Clearly articulate how speaking at your event aligns with the speaker’s interests, allows them to share their insights with a specific audience, and elevates their visibility. But also convey how their participation will energize your event and deliver immense value to attendees.

Offer Compelling Benefits While fees are certainly a consideration, high-profile keynote speakers are often motivated by intangible benefits as well. In your pitch, tout noteworthy audiences they’ll have access to, exclusive sponsorship opportunities, book sales potential, or media exposure. If negotiating fees, explore creative models like revenue sharing.

Make Logistics Easy Even if your keynote is excited to speak, inconvenient logistics can be a dealbreaker. Ease concerns by outlining your team’s commitment to exceptional support – arranging travel, accommodation, AV requirements, receptions, book signings, and anything that enriches their experience.

Follow Up Persistently If you don’t receive an immediate response, follow up politely but persistently. Key speakers often have demanding schedules. Use each touchpoint to convey your enthusiasm and reiterate why this opportunity is worthwhile for both parties.

By investing time into a personalized, mutually-beneficial pitch, you increase your chances of landing a speaker who elevates your event beyond expectations. An amazing keynote inspires new ideas and creates an unforgettable experience.