For professional speakers looking to take their careers to new heights, joining a respected speaking agency can open up a world of opportunities. Speaking agencies have extensive networks and relationships with corporations, associations, and event planners across industries. With their backing, you gain access to bigger stages, higher-profile engagements, and streamlined business operations.

At the same time, the top speaking agencies are highly selective about who they choose to represent. Securing that coveted agent deal requires strategic preparation and positioning. Some steps to take would be:

Become an Accomplished Speaker First

Speaking agencies seek out speakers with polished skills, engaging presence, and demonstrable success. Focus first on building up a solid track record through regional events, referral-based gigs, and self-employment channels. Develop outstanding speeches, invest in professional marketing materials, and cultivate client testimonials.

Define Your Niche and Brand

The most sought-after speakers are subject matter authorities with unique, well-defined personal brands and specialties. Get crystal clear on your differentiating areas of expertise, target audiences, and core topics before pitching any agency.

Polish Your Speaking Materials

Agencies will want to experience your full speaker “package” during the vetting process. Ensure your speaker one-sheet, video samples, website, and other assets are comprehensively updated and represent you in the best possible light.

Research Target Agencies

Identify the speaking agencies that are the best fit for your industry niche, speech topics, fee range, client base, and geographic regions you’re targeting. Read their websites thoroughly and follow them on social media.

Build Connections Through Networking

Attend speaking industry events and connect with agency owners/agents to nurture relationships before pitching. Join associations like National Speakers Association to increase your visibility and network with member speakers and agencies.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

When an agency opening arises, present a professional, personalized pitch highlighting your credentials, niche, and client successes. Outline the mutual benefits of a partnership and convey genuine enthusiasm.

Most importantly, be patient yet persistent. Joining a top-tier agency takes time, consistent achievements, and tenacity. But once represented, you gain an invaluable business partner amplifying your speaking career.