Understanding how to find a speakers bureau for events and meetings, and a top talent agency company partner, is critical. As an event planner, your budget is often one of the biggest constraints you face when organizing conferences, meetings and other gatherings. While working with a partner adds transactional costs, knowing how to find a speakers bureau is important because their expertise can actually deliver significant cost savings over the long run. Here’s a look at some of the top ways partnering with a speakers booking agency pays off financially:

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes

Making the wrong speaker hire can be an incredibly costly mistake for your event. You’ve wasted that speaker fee investment on someone who fails to deliver value. Working directly with a vetted speaker bureau mitigates this risk. When considering how to find a speakers bureau, know that experienced bureaus make thoughtful recommendations matched to your goals and have processes for vetting speakers to confirm they’re a strong fit. They help ensure you get the right speaker from the start.

Negotiating Fair Market Rates

Professional bureaus understand the true market rates for speakers in different industries, at various experience levels, and across global regions. They leverage this market intelligence to negotiate fair fees upfront with speakers based on your specifications. Bureaus essentially act as a check to make sure you aren’t overpaying or being misled on costs.

Ancillary Service Efficiencies

Apart from suggesting and booking speakers, full-service bureaus handle all the peripheral details like travel logistics, AV requirements, marketing, collecting feedback, and more. Having this turnkey support frees your team from wrestling with all those ancillary tasks individually, creating major time/cost efficiencies.

Volume Pricing and Relationships

As part of comprehending how to find a speakers bureau, keep in mind that because bureaus work with many clients across industries, they have significant booking volume with speakers. This allows them to secure preferential package pricing you’d likely never receive as a one-off client. They can pass those savings along to you. Bureaus also have relationships that may result in surprise savings, comps or extras.

Enhanced ROI from the Right Speaker

While good speakers aren’t cheap, a true thought leader can provide immense value that far exceeds their fee. Bureaus focus on educational ROI. They’ll guide you to speakers who deliver maximum impact for their cost through insightful content and professional delivery. You’re paying for a worthy investment versus just an expense.

From mitigating monetary risks upfront to leveraging economies of scale and decades of industry relationships, an experienced speaker bureau partner can help your budget go significantly farther when booking top-notch keynote talent. Their savvy, support and strategic focus on ROI provides immense cost benefits over just sourcing speakers independently.