For subject matter experts, thought leaders, and professionals looking to raise their profile, securing speaking engagements at conferences can be a valuable way to share your knowledge while boosting credibility and visibility. But finding the right conferences and successfully pitching yourself as a speaker takes research, strategy and persistence. Here are some tips for finding conferences to speak at:

Start by Defining Your Goals and Expertise Areas – Before searching for potential conferences, take a step back and clearly define your goals for speaking as well as the specific topics you can present on authoritatively. Do you want to grow your personal brand, generate leads for your business, or simply share your passion? Having clarity upfront will help target the most relevant events.

Leverage Your Network – Reach out to your existing connections – colleagues, clients, partners, social media followers – and let them know you’re seeking speaking opportunities. They may be able to recommend relevant conferences or even introduce you directly to event organizers within your industry or niche.

Search Online Listings and Directories – There are numerous online resources that allow you to search for upcoming conferences based on location, industry, and topic focus. Sites like Call4Speakers, ConferenceAlerts, and AllConferences are great starting points to discover potential matches.

Follow Your Target Conferences – Identify the most prestigious or highest-impact conferences within your domain or region and follow them closely on social media. Many promote their call for speakers and abstract/proposal deadlines, allowing you to get a head start on submissions.

Check With Your Industry Organizations – If you belong to any trade associations, professional societies, or industry groups, inquire if they organize annual conferences that accept speaker submissions relevant to your expertise area. These can provide exceptional access to your target audiences.

Subscribe to Speaker Update Newsletters – Popular speaking-centric websites like SpeakerHub and SpeakerFlow offer email newsletters that regularly share leads on new and upcoming conferences seeking presenters across diverse topics.