Meeting and event planners routinely work with international speakers bureaus. The reason is that they’re tasked with organizing impactful corporate events, conferences, and seminars. A top component is finding the perfect keynote speaker to set the right tone and deliver value to the audience. By partnering with international speakers bureaus, planners gain access to a premier global network of thought leaders, subject matter experts, celebrities, and bestselling authors.

The top benefit is the incredible selection and booking efficiencies gained by working with an international speakers bureau. Instead of planners having to research, contact, and negotiate with hundreds of individual speakers, they can leverage a talent agent’s extensive database of over 1,000 options across every topic and industry. Expert booking agency providers simplify and streamline the process, using their relationships and insider knowledge to match planners with the perfect speaker for each event’s needs, audience and budget.

Another advantage is that many international speakers bureaus have exclusive access to high-profile speakers who do not work directly with corporate clients. For example, a planner looking to book a prominent athlete, politician, or celebrity would have the best luck going through an established bureau with pre-existing relationships. Talent agency partners can also negotiate lower fees and added value extras that planners may not be able to get booking solo with in-demand presenters.

International speakers bureaus further have specialists available globally. So no matter where events are held, planners can rely on seasoned agents in that region to ensure everything goes smoothly. Agents also centralize multi-speaker logistics like travel, accommodation, A/V needs, and contracts into one efficient process.

By tapping into booking firms’ global networks, planners source from the very best English-speaking talent worldwide. So whether events are held domestically or overseas, impactful presenters from different countries and cultural viewpoints can be recruited. That brings tremendous value through unique perspectives that resonate locally and globally.

Partnering with a reputable international speakers bureau makes planners’ jobs much easier. It opens access to a first-class roster of motivational, leadership, and industry talent representing diverse backgrounds. Bureaus handle the complexities of booking, contracting and managing speakers so planners can focus on executing events that engage attendees and spark ideas.