Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau (LASB) has established itself as a premier agency in the speaking industry, known for its roster of high-caliber speakers and commitment to client satisfaction. With decades of experience, LASB has built a reputation for connecting organizations with thought leaders, industry experts, and influential figures across various fields.


1. A Hefty Roster of Talent:
LASB boasts an impressive and diverse array of speakers, ranging from business leaders and politicians to athletes and entertainers. The scope of its partnerships allows the talent agency to cater to a wide range of events and industries, ensuring clients can find the perfect fit for their specific needs.

2. Quality of Speakers:
The bureau is known for its rigorous vetting process, ensuring that their speakers are not only experts in their fields but also engaging and impactful presenters. The commitment to quality has helped LASB maintain its position as a trusted source for top-tier speaking talent.

3. Customer Service:
Many clients praise LASB for their attentive and professional customer service. Its team of experienced agents works closely with clients to understand their needs and provide personalized recommendations, streamlining the speaker selection process.

4. Comprehensive Services:
When not booking keynote speakers, LASB offers additional services such as event planning assistance, content development, and post-event follow-up. A full-service approach adds value for clients and contributes to successful events.

5. Industry Connections:
With strong relationships across various industries, LASB often has access to in-demand speakers who may be difficult to book through other channels.

Areas for Improvement:

1. Pricing Transparency:
Some clients have noted that pricing information isn’t always readily available, requiring additional communication with agents. Increased transparency in this area could streamline the selection process for budget-conscious clients.

2. Online Platform:
While functional, LASB’s website could benefit from updates to improve user experience and provide more comprehensive information about speakers and their topics.

3. Emerging Talent:
While LASB excels in representing established speakers, some clients have expressed interest in seeing more emerging voices and fresh perspectives in their roster.

Overall Impact:

Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau has consistently demonstrated its ability to connect organizations with impactful speakers who can inform, inspire, and drive change. The talent agency’s commitment to quality, combined with their extensive network and industry expertise, makes them a go-to resource for event planners and organizations seeking top-tier speaking talent.

And of course the firm helps prompt conversations across industries and sits at the vanguard bringing innovative ideas to the forefront. It’s knack for matching speakers with the right audiences has led to numerous successful events and long-term client relationships.

Meeting and event planners should know Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau stands out as a reliable, professional, and influential player in the speaking industry. While there’s always room for improvement, the talent agency’s track record of success and commitment to excellence solidifies its position as a top choice for those seeking exceptional speakers for their events.

Final Rating: A+ – a top-notch partner for conferences and conventions.