The top lifestyle influencers over 40 are a force to be reckoned with. While much of the focus in the marketing world tends to be on fresh-faced Gen Z and millennial creators, let’s be honest. At the same time, a powerful cohort of lifestyle influencers over 40 is driving important conversations that resonate with a huge – and often underserved – demographic. Top content creators aren’t chasing ephemeral youth trends; instead, they’re candidly sharing lived experiences and advice for navigating life’s transitions and milestones that come with turning 40, 50, and beyond.

From rewriting outdated narratives around age and body image to prioritizing wellness and personal growth, we wanted to take a closer look ar five topics that lifestyle influencers over 40 are spotlighting through their engaging, insightful storytelling:

Redefining Beauty Standards

For too long, narrow beauty standards promulgated by media have pushed a narrative that devalues women’s worth as they age. Over-40 influencers like Lori Harder, Alex Michael May, Roberta Ogliari, and Detra Brock are disrupting those toxic societal pressures – proudly celebrating their grays, finelinesilver wrinkles’, and natural beauty at every life stage.

Confidence & Body Positivity

In a similar vein, these digital renegades provide refreshingly candid dialogue about developing self-love and body positivity after years of disordered eating, negative self-talk, and insecurity. Their attitude of “I’ll wear what I want!” energizes audiences. Major figures among lifestyle influencers over 40 include Dana Malstaff, Jennifer Veres, Vivian Lee, and Hunter McGrady.

Smashing the Myths of Midlife

Far from the dull, sexless stereotype, experts like famous celebrity futurist keynote speaker Scott Steinberg and others such as Alison Gary, Missy Sumra, Erin Busbee, and Michele Yates are shining a light on the many adventures and excitement that can come in your 40s, 50s, and beyond. Pros share stories of epic solo travels, entrepreneurship leaps, bodacious date nights with partners, trying new wellness routines, and more.

Menopause, Honestly

One of the most courageously transparent topics covered in this realm is the often hush-hush issue of menopause and perimenopause. Creators like Stacy London, Shirley Weir, and Nichole Currie don’t shy away from getting raw about their symptoms and empowering others going through “the change” with insights around managing hormone shifts, insomnia, and other challenges.

Financial Security

Of course, no conversation with lifestyle influencers over 40 would be complete without discussing money matters. KOLs like #1 bestseller Scott Steinberg and Karen Alpert tackle money mindsets, budgeting for families, wealth management, and retirement strategizing in a non-stuffy way that deeply resonates. There’s also a recognition that “glow-up” investments in oneself through self-care are equally valid.

While the paths and stories vary, the common thread uniting these influential voices is their courage in getting real about major life realities that previous generations often suffered through in silence. Their vulnerability, strength and joie de vivre are true inspirations for audiences everywhere.