A top lifestyle spokesperson works with brands to help cut through the noise, capture audiences’ attention and communicate a wide range of topics that resonate with their target audience’s interests, values, and aspirations. From the field’s best influencers, lifestyle spokespersons, and thought leaders’ lips to your ears, let’s take a closer peek at what top experts are frequently asked to discuss:

1. Wellness and Self-Care
Promoting a holistic approach to well-being is a common theme for lifestyle spokespersons. They may be asked to share insights on topics such as healthy living, mindfulness practices, fitness routines, and stress management techniques. Providing practical tips and inspirational messages that encourage self-care and personal growth is essential.

2. Fashion and Style
Fashion and style are often at the forefront of lifestyle brands, and influencers must be adept at discussing these topics. From the latest trends and seasonal collections to personal style tips and outfit inspiration, they should have a deep understanding of fashion and be able to communicate it in an engaging and relatable manner.

3. Home Decor and Design
For many brands, home decor and design are top areas of focus. Leading lifestyle spokesperson get asked to share their expertise on interior design trends, styling tips, and how to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space that reflects personal tastes and values.

4. Travel and Adventure
Encouraging a sense of wanderlust and exploration is a common thread in the lifestyle industry. Consultants get called upon to discuss their travel experiences, share destination recommendations, and inspire audiences to embrace new adventures and cultural experiences.

5. Food and Culinary Trends
Discussions surrounding food, culinary trends, and healthy eating habits are often part of a lifestyle spokesperson’s repertoire. Experts are well-versed in topics such as sustainable food practices, dietary preferences, and the latest culinary innovations, while also providing practical tips and recipes for home cooking enthusiasts.

6. Sustainability and Ethical Practices
As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and the ethical practices of brands, lifestyle spokespersons are also working to address these topics. Discussing sustainable initiatives, eco-friendly products, and ethical sourcing practices is crucial for building trust and resonating with values-driven audiences.

7. Personal Growth and Inspiration
Behind all manner of brands is the desire to inspire personal growth and self-improvement. So you’ll also see lifestyle spokespersons share their own journeys, offer motivational insights, and provide guidance on topics such as goal-setting, overcoming challenges, and cultivating a positive mindset.


Brands essentially hire lifestyle spokespersons to connect with their audience on a deeper level, and position themselves as trusted sources of inspiration and guidance within the lifestyle sphere.