Booking an amazing motivational guest speaker for your next conference, retreat, or special event can take it to the next level. An inspiring opening or closing presentation that energizes your audience sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. Follow the steps here when planning to successfully hire a top motivational guest speaker that can wow any crowd.

Define Your Goals and Set a Budget – Before researching presenters, outline what you want them to accomplish. Do you need someone to motivate teams around your core values or kickstart innovation? Determine crucial motivational guest speaker selection criteria like subject matter expertise, audience rapport, reviews, and budget. Fees for professional public guest presenters run widely from a few thousand to over $100,000.

Research Speaker Options Extensively – Consider hiring motivational guest speaker directly, or using speaker bureaus and thought leader directories to find candidates who could be a good fit, then vet options through their websites and video clips. Ensure that pros have spoken to similar audiences and received strong testimonials. You want an exceptional, seasoned expert within your price range.

Schedule Discovery Calls –
Have short consultative calls with a few potential motivational guest speaker to share your vision and details around audience demographics and goals. It lets them assess your needs and pitch ideas of how they can deliver a memorable speech. Gauge their energy, communication styles and flexibility through these conversations before deciding.

Discuss Logistics – Clarify all event details like date, location, presentation length, schedule, AV requirements, and expenses during contracting. Establish clear expectations for deliverables and arrival times. Discuss if public guest invites will join activities like VIP receptions or be available for book signings. Share recent audience surveys so they can best customize their keynote.

Promote the Motivational Guest Speaker – Use your website, social media, event marketing materials and press releases to promote your featured presentation. Share guest bios, credibility, speech topics and testimonials to generate maximum enthusiasm and registrations.

Brief the Speaker Before the Event – Provide experts an event agenda and details on award ceremonies or panel discussions so content remains cohesive. Introduce the motivational guest speaker to top organizers and executives so relationships spark more creativity. Share any last-minute changes with the motivational speaker so final arrangements go smoothly.

Post-Event Debrief – After the motivational speech, debrief with organizers and the speaker around outcomes, crowd response and powerful moments. Exchange formal evaluations and explore opportunities to repurpose content or partner again in future. Identify best practices for continual improvement with booking motivational guest speakers moving forward based on this success.

Following this process will lead you to inspirational talent who deliver presentations with the perfect mix of entertainment, insight and impact at your next conference or leadership event. Presenters’ talks will energize your audience to reach new heights.