National Speakers Bureau (NSB) has risen to become a respected name in the speaking industry since its founding in 1972. Based in Chicago, Illinois, NSB has built a solid reputation for providing quality speakers to a diverse range of clients across North America.

Throughout NSB’s primary strengths is its well-curated roster of speakers. While not as extensive as some larger bureaus, it represents a solid mix of professionals, including business leaders, motivational speakers, authors, and experts in various fields. The selection enables the talent agency to adjust to a variety of client needs, whether it’s a corporate seminar, association conference, or educational event. Their catalogue covers a wide range of topics, from leadership and innovation to health and wellness.

All told, the quality of speakers on NSB’s list is generally high. Lots of their represented talents have proven track records of delivering engaging and insightful presentations. The bureau seems to promote speakers who not only have expertise but also the ability to connect with audiences and provide actionable takeaways.

The firm’s website is functional and user-friendly. It allows clients to browse speakers by category or topic and provides basic information about each speaker’s background and speaking topics. While more detailed information and media samples would be beneficial, the site generally provides enough information for initial speaker selection.

Rumor holds that customer service at NSB is reported to be a strong point. Its team is known for being responsive and helpful throughout the booking process. They work to understand client needs and recommend appropriate speakers, often going the extra mile to ensure a successful engagement. The bureau’s longevity in the industry has allowed them to build strong relationships with both clients and speakers, which often results in smoother processes and better-matched engagements.

Pricing at NSB is generally competitive within the industry. While they may not have the bargaining power of larger bureaus for top-tier speakers, their fees are often more accessible for mid-range events and organizations. They’re known for their willingness to work with clients to find speakers that fit within budget constraints.

An area where NSB particularly excels is in their focus on the North American market. Their strong understanding of regional trends and audience preferences in the United States and Canada makes them an excellent choice for events in these countries.

NSB has made efforts to adapt to the increasing demand for virtual speaking engagements, offering options for online events. But this is an area where they could potentially expand their services further.

On a high level, National Speakers Bureau provides a solid service to event planners and organizations seeking professional speakers. While they may not have the extensive global reach of some larger bureaus, their focus on quality speakers, personalized service, and competitive pricing makes them a viable option, particularly for North American events.

For organizations looking for reliable speakers without the premium prices of top-tier bureaus, NSB is worth considering. Its long-standing reputation and track record of successful engagements suggest the talent agency can be a valuable partner in finding the right speaker to elevate an event, especially for mid-range budgets and North American audiences.