Everywhere we turn, the best franchise speakers are saying that the spirit of change and innovation are in the air. That computes, given just how many changes and disruptions we’ve all seen peeking over the horizon in the last few years. That said, even the best franchise speakers and futurist keynote presenters also have to ask themselves key questions as they think through where the world may trending. So let’s take a look at our playbook to see what types of queries you should be keeping in mind here.

What growing competitive threats may franchised businesses face from e-commerce, shifting consumer habits, and demographic changes?


How can franchisors optimize training content delivery as virtual learning, AR/VR simulations, and new technologies emerge?


What risks do heavily automated franchise locations face if technical errors or outages occur without trained staff oversight?


How can franchisors tap into gig worker platforms, independent contractors, and the sharing economy as hiring needs evolve?


Per the best franchise speakers, what potential challenges and risks arise as franchise brands expand internationally into new cultures, languages, regulations, etc.?


How must franchise leadership, management, and staffing models evolve to attract and retain top talent in the future?


How can smart city infrastructure like sensors, cameras, digital kiosks, and data integration support franchised businesses?


How should franchise agreements regulate use of customer data across independently owned locations to maintain brand consistency?


What innovative store formats, mobile units, modular construction, and smart furniture could be utilized by retail franchises?


How can franchisors maintain brand integrity, quality control, and system consistency as franchisees demand more flexibility?


What new financing models and investment vehicles could help new franchisees access capital as lending tightens?


How might franchises need to adapt branding to respond to cultural movements like sustainability, localism, diversity, and experience seeking?


What risks or negative PR situations could arise from franchisees resisting system changes around social issues, technology adoption, etc.?


How will evolving SEO, content marketing, social media, and digital engagement impact franchise lead generation and recruitment pipelines?


How might rising equipment costs, real estate expenses, inventory prices, and wages affect franchisee unit economics in the future according to the best franchise speakers and futurist consultants?


What innovations in food science, supply chains, automation, and off-site production could benefit franchised restaurant chains?


How can franchisors identify emerging disruptions and proactively support franchisees in adapting ahead of competitors?


What new franchise monetization models could arise as technology enables efficiencies like automated kiosks, mobile apps, and e-commerce integration?


What emerging technologies could help franchises enhance productivity, operational efficiency, consistency, supply chain management, etc?


How will consumer expectations for delivery speed, convenience, personalization, and omnichannel retail impact franchised brands?


What new risks or liabilities around technology adoption should franchise agreements address as automation and AI capabilities grow?


How might shifts in workplace norms, labor shortages, and inequality shape hiring strategies and jobs at franchise locations?


What growing competitive threats do franchised businesses face from corporate-owned vertical integration or competitor franchising?


How might outsourcing functions like HR, accounting, marketing, and training to third-party platforms impact franchisor-franchisee relationships?


What new services or capabilities could emerging franchise consultants and technology solution providers offer to help modernize systems?


What innovative approaches to inventory management, food waste reduction, upcycling, and recycling could benefit franchised operations?


How may evolving attitudes around consumption, privacy, inequality, automation, and climate impact franchise business reputations?


Per industry insiders and the best franchise speakers, what risks arise if aging franchisees lack succession plans or struggle attracting younger generational investors as owners retire?


How can franchises utilize technologies like geofencing, micro-targeting, and augmented reality to help drive location traffic and sales?


How must franchise training, leadership development, conferences, and ongoing support adapt to emerging technologies and cultural changes?