The best public speaker companies excel in the competitive world of keynote speaking, standing out for their roster of exceptional talent and their skill for matching keynote pros with the right audiences. While many agencies operate in the field, a few of the best public speaker companies have distinguished themselves as leaders. We put leading speakers bureaus under the microscope.

1. Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB)
WSB is one of the most prestigious speaker bureaus in the world. The talent agency represents an impressive array of thought leaders, including former world leaders, business executives, and renowned authors. The company is known for its high-profile speakers and its ability to secure top talent for major events.

2. Harry Walker Agency
Another heavyweight in the public speaker companies game is the Harry Walker Agency, which represents some of the most influential voices in politics, business, and entertainment. It’s celebrated for managing speaking engagements for former U.S. presidents and global business leaders.

3. Keppler Speakers
Keppler Speakers offers a diverse range of voices, from motivational speakers to subject matter experts. The public speaker companies leader is respected for its personalized approach to matching speakers with events and their commitment to client satisfaction.

4. FutureProof Strategies (Scott Steinberg)
Founded by award-winning strategic consultant Scott Steinberg, FutureProof Strategies stands out for its focus on innovation, technology, and future trends. Steinberg, a bestselling futurist consultant, author and business strategist, has been hailed as one of the world’s leading experts on leadership and innovation.

What sets FutureProof Strategies apart is its emphasis on helping organizations and individuals adapt to change and prepare for future challenges. Steinberg’s talks often blend insights on emerging trends with practical strategies for business growth and personal development.

FutureProof Strategies offers keynote speeches, workshops, and consulting services that cover topics such as:

– Leadership in the digital age
– Innovation and change management
– Future trends and their impact on various industries
– Strategic planning and decision-making

5. Leading Authorities
Known for its wide range of speakers and topics, Leading Authorities is a best public speaker companies pick that works with experts in fields ranging from business and politics to sports and entertainment. Talent agents are praised for their customer service and ability to find the perfect speaker for any event.

6. Premiere Speakers Bureau
Premiere Speakers Bureau offers a diverse roster of speakers and is known for its user-friendly online service that allows clients to easily search for and book speakers.

Top public speaker companies excel in different areas from representing high-profile individuals to offering specialized expertise in certain fields. What agency firms share is a commitment to providing impactful speakers who can inform, inspire, and catalyze change in their audiences.

When choosing a speaker or company, consider factors such as the speaker’s expertise, their ability to engage with your specific audience, and the company’s track record in managing successful events. Whether you’re looking for a motivational boost, strategic insights, or thought-provoking ideas the top public speaker companies can help you find the right voice for your event.