Speakers for events come in all shapes and sizes. As a meeting planner, lining up engaging presenter is one of the most important tasks for ensuring a successful event as well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the right speakers for events can educate attendees, spark new ideas, provide motivation, and elevate the overall experience. Meeting planners have a wide range of presenter types to choose from depending on the goals and format of the event. Below are some of the most common picks that planners hire:

Keynote Speakers – Typically the main headlining act at an event. They deliver a broad-level presentation to the full audience, setting the overarching tone and sharing high-level insights. As speakers for events, keynotes are usually well-known experts, thought leaders, celebrities, or accomplished individuals hired to provide an motivational or inspiring talk.

Subject Matter Experts – For events centered around specific topics or industries, meeting planners will bring in subject matter experts to share in-depth knowledge through technical presentations, panel discussions, or workshops. They dive into key issues, trends, research, and best practices for attendees.

Motivational Speakers – Pros aim to motivate, encourage, and energize the audience through passionate talks about overcoming challenges, perseverance, realizing your potential, and mental toughness. Among the most popular speakers for events, presenters’ uplifting stories aim to leave people feeling empowered.

Storytellers – Some meeting planners specifically hire professional storytellers or personal historians to engage attendees through narratives. These speakers captivate audiences by sharing real-life experiences, case studies, or entertaining anecdotes that convey messages in a more informal, conversational style.

Industry Analysts and Futurists – For events exploring the future direction of a particular industry, role, or technology, analyst speakers for events and futurists offer data-driven predictions and foresight that can help attendees prepare for what’s next. Their expertise is analyzing trends and market forces.

Celebrity Speakers – Bringing in a famous celebrity, whether an actor, athlete, musician, or other public figure, is often a big draw for larger events. While likely not subject matter experts, celebrities share stories about achieving success through adversity and determination.

When hiring speakers for events, experienced planners carefully match the speaker type to the specific goals of their event to deliver the desired impact. A diverse range of eloquent, knowledgeable advisors can make all the difference in creating a dynamic, educational, and unforgettable experience.