Strategic planning consultants are a top draw when organizing high-stakes meetings and events centered around business growth. Noting it, many organizations turn to experienced advisors for support. While meeting planners are experts at logistical execution, the market’s best strategic planning consultants bring one of a kind skills that elevate the depth and quality of strategy building dialogue.

As for why event planners engage consulting pros:

Skilled Facilitation – An external advisor’s value is their ability to facilitate productive strategy conversations. A seasoned facilitator creates an environment conducive to open ideation, discussion, and breakthrough thinking. Pros guide participants through structured activities to surface key insights, analyze future scenarios, and align on priorities.

Strategic Expertise – Strategic planning consultants live and breathe strategy. They offer deep subject matter expertise honed from years of experience across industries and organizations. Such knowledge provides an objective external perspective to challenge assumptions and push an organization’s strategic thinking.

Neutrality and Objectivity – As neutral third-parties, futurist experts can address sensitive issues and facilitate discussions in an unbiased manner. Impartiality allows them to navigate office politics and fractures that can derail strategic dialogue when solely driven internally.

Methodology and Frameworks – Effective strategy mapping often requires a structured process and articulated frameworks to guide activities. Advisors apply proven methodologies, templates, and toolkits for conducting environmental scans, mapping strategies, and developing actionable implementation plans.

Dedicated Focus – When meeting planners handle facilitation themselves, it splits their attention between meeting logistics and content development. A strategic planning consultant’s sole focus is driving the strategic process, allowing the planner to concentrate on flawless event execution.

Thought Partnership – Well before the main event, third party advisors often partner with leadership teams to shape the strategic planning approach, design the meeting format and agenda, and conduct research to baseline discussions. The upfront collaboration ensures the engagement meets all objectives.

Fresh Perspectives – Top strategic planning consultants provide an outside-in view to counter ingrained ways of thinking. A breadth of experience sparks new lenses for viewing challenges and opportunities, which stimulates innovation and creative problem-solving.

While meeting planners are masters at producing memorable corporate events, strategic planning consultants complement their expertise by elevating the strategy dialogue itself. With these specialists at the helm, organizations can drive more impactful outcomes from strategic planning sessions.