Top subject matter expert gaming pros talk about all manner of new video games developments. And from esports athletes to game designers and industry analysts, consultants have a wealth of specialized knowledge to share. We examine 10 topics true subject matter expert gaming consulting partners are well-versed in and frequently discuss:

1. Competitive Strategy and Meta
At the highest levels of esports, gaming SMEs analyze the ever-evolving metagame across different titles. They discuss optimal strategies, team compositions, economic strategies and more for gaining every possible edge.

2. Cutting-Edge Tech and Hardware
With technology driving gaming experiences, pros scrutinize the latest graphics cards, CPUs, displays, peripherals and accessories for performance advantages and immersion benefits.

3. Game Design and Development
Industry vets who have been game designers, engineers and producers themselves as well as subject matter expert gaming leaders provide insider perspectives on the intricacies of game design processes, engines and development pipelines.

4. Emerging Platforms and Ecosystems
Streaming, cloud gaming, Web3, NFTs – experts analyze the rise of new gaming platforms and their impacts on business models, distribution and monetization strategies.

5. Esports Professionalization
The growth of esports into a billion-dollar industry leads influencers to examine evolving areas like player lifestyle and training, scouting, broadcasting, sponsorships and more.

6. Gaming History and Culture
True pros have studied and experienced firsthand the rich history and evolution of gaming across eras, genres, companies and subcultures.

7. Marketing and Audience Insights
With keen understanding of gaming audiences, experts advise on branding, PR, influencer marketing and ways to authentically reach and engage fans.

8. Industry Financials and M&A
As the field has grown into a juggernaut, subject matter expert gaming partners analyze the financials and business dealings of game publishers, esports orgs, M&A transactions and more.

9. Gaming’s Social Impacts
Beyond entertainment, experts examine gaming’s intersections with culture, social issues, accessibility, education and more in communities worldwide.

10. Cutting-Edge Graphics and Sound
Graphics programmers, animators, artists and composers delve into technologies and creative techniques pushing the boundaries of the space’s visual and audio experiences.

Whether it’s analyzing the latest industry trends or sharing deep technical breakdowns, subject matter experts gaming influencers help elevate discussions. Advisors’ specialized insights help drive innovation while building an exciting future.