Being cybersecurity keynote speakers and consultants, we’re frequently asked to consider what the future of security, data privacy, and digital transformation holds. Just a few of many recent topics we’ve explored as part of our market research and consulting practice can be found below.

Securing the Future of Customer Experience – Providing a digital layer of identity (the new threat perimeter where action really happens) should underpin the future of security and customer experience by auto-identifying and -verifying users as they travel between apps, devices, networks, sites, etc. If we can’t secure a user’s identity, how can we expect to do commerce, maintain network visibility, etc? You’d be surprised how the future of business and customer service is completely changing here.

How Digital Transformation is Making Technology More Human – Tomorrow’s world will be all about accessibility, convenience, safety, and personalization – and you don’t get that having to manually pound away at complex computer systems, apps, or networks. From a security and ease of use standpoint, biometric technologies are making it easier to verify our identity and minimize potential points of user friction, as well as helping boost productivity and speed up workflows while also reducing potential points of failure.

Why Everyone is Your New Chief Security Officer – It’s all well and good to have an IT security team, but most organizations fall prey to human error – teaching everyone to be more cyber aware, and learn to implement some basic safety postures and strategies, can help you radically improve your ability to defend against attack.

Prepare for Breach: What to Do When Compromised – Digital threat actors can attack any point of your IT infrastructure thousands of times day and night: It’s no longer a question of IF you’ll be breached, but when – and how you’ve worked to mitigate threats that slip through the net in advance. It’s important to consider how to change your thinking around strategy.

Forget Cyber Security – Start By Teaching Data Literacy – Billions of dollars and thousands of man hours are being lost in productivity, sales, and security threats because just a teeny weeny fraction of working professionals actually know how to manage, work with, and use data/analytics (aka are data literate). It’s a huge problem for the corporate world: How do you secure high-tech solutions if people don’t even know how to use them or make the most of them to begin with?