Thinking Heads has cemented itself as a notable name in the global speaker bureau industry, with a particular strength in the Spanish-speaking world. Founded in 2003 in Spain, the bureau has since expanded its reach internationally, offering a unique blend of European and Latin American expertise.

Thinking Heads’ leading asset is its wide and carefully curated roster of speakers. The bureau represents a vast array of talent, including business leaders, politicians, economists, academics, and thought leaders from various fields. What sets them apart is their strong representation of Spanish-speaking experts and their ability to bridge European and Latin American markets. That makes Thinking Heads an invaluable resource for organizations looking to tap into insights from these regions or planning events in Spanish-speaking countries.

The quality of speakers on Thinking Heads’ list is generally high. All sorts of their represented talents have impressive credentials, international experience, and proven track records of delivering engaging, insightful presentations. The talent agency seems to highlight speakers who not only have expertise but also the ability to connect with diverse audiences and provide actionable takeaways.

Thinking Heads’ website is well-designed and user-friendly, available in both Spanish and English. It allows clients to easily browse speakers by category, topic, or region. Each speaker’s profile provides comprehensive information, including areas of expertise, speaking topics, and often video clips of past presentations.

Client assistance and service is an area where Thinking Heads gets good scores as well. Their team is known for their professionalism, cultural sensitivity, and attention to detail. It offers tailored recommendations that take into account cultural nuances and regional preferences.

Pricing at Thinking Heads is competitive within the industry. While fees for high-profile international speakers can be substantial, the bureau offers speakers across a range of price points, allowing them to work with various budgets. They’re also known for their transparency in pricing and willingness to work with clients to find solutions that fit their financial constraints.

Also keep in mind its deep understanding of the Spanish-speaking market. The talent agency’s knowledge of business practices, cultural norms, and regional trends in Spain and Latin America is invaluable for organizations planning events in these regions or seeking insights into these markets.

The bureau has also adapted well to the increasing demand for virtual speaking engagements. It offers a range of online and hybrid event solutions, demonstrating their ability to evolve with changing market needs.

From end to end, Thinking Heads stands out as a top-tier option for organizations seeking speakers, particularly for events in Spanish-speaking countries or with a focus on European and Latin American markets. Its strong roster of speakers, excellent customer service, and deep regional expertise make them a reliable choice.

While their strongest offerings are centered on the Spanish-speaking world, Thinking Heads’ growing international network of speakers makes them a viable option for events worldwide. For those planning speaking events, especially with a European or Latin American component, Thinking Heads is certainly worthy of serious consideration.