The top fintech influencers are rising stars now. As financial technology continues disrupting and transforming virtually every aspect of banking, lending, payments, and investing, a new breed of experts has emerged to make sense of the chaotic landscape. And so top fintech influencers combine deep industry knowledge with a knack for breaking down complex concepts in accessible, engaging ways across social networks.

While each creator puts their own spin on coverage based on expertise and niche, there are several topics that seem to provoke lively discussion and debate among the leading voices. We hit on five areas dominating much of the current discourse in this rapidly evolving space:

Embedded Finance & Banking-as-a-Service

One of the hottest buzzwords across the field is “embedded finance” – the integration of banking and payments capabilities into non-financial websites and apps. Leading top fintech influencers like celebrity futurist keynote speaker Scott Steinberg as well as pros such as Samantha Ghiotti, Ruben Salazar, and Tom York analyze the immense potential of embedded finance and banking-as-a-service models to fuel faster digital transformation and meet changing consumer expectations.

The Crypto & Web3 Frontier

Not surprisingly, the rise of cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized finance, and Web3 platforms loom incredibly large across the finance universe. From Michael Burt and Bria Montes to Anndy Lian and Dmitri DeVilliers, these creators strive to demystify the future of money while assessing both the promise and pitfalls of emerging trends.

Big Tech’s Financial Ambitions

The blurring lines between big technology companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google venturing into payments, lending, and other financial services spaces has fintech influencers buzzing. Voices who are top fintech influencers like Jim Marous, Ronald van Loon, and Spencer Vogel analyze whether big tech will partner with banks or render them obsolete.

Superapps & Financial Operating Systems

As consumer finance management and product delivery evolves, influential creators like Bradley Leimer and Spiros Margaris explore concepts like “superapps” and “financial operating systems” that could consolidate all fiscal services from budgeting to investing into unified mobile portals. Interoperability and user experience are big themes.

No/Low Code Acceleration

Fintech’s rapid pace of innovation has been fueled in part by no-code and low-code tools that streamline app development processes. Influencers like Marsha Barnes and Ronald Jonkers share insights and examples around how these technologies are enabling legacy institutions and upstarts alike to roll out new digital products and services more efficiently.

While it’s still early days in fintech’s growth trajectory, knowledgeable top fintech influencers are shaping narratives around what consumers can expect from the future of finance. Leaders’ positions as authoritative, engaging content creators make them invaluable resources for fintech-watchers across the spectrum.