Top Keynote Speaker Bureaus to Know When Booking Motivational Speakers

Top Keynote Speaker Bureaus to Know When Booking Motivational Speakers

Meeting planners call top keynote speaker bureaus for a reason: When planning a major event or conference, securing a standout keynote speaker is crucial. An engaging, thought-provoking keynote can energize the audience and elevate the entire experience.

While the top keynote speaker bureaus like WSB, Leading Authorities, Harry Walker, and APB are well-known, plenty of other top-tier talent agencies are worth considering for booking elite keynote talent:

Keppler Speakers – Founded in 1985, Keppler Speakers is based in Arlington, VA and represents over 5,000 speakers across business, politics, entertainment, and more. Notable names include Steve Wozniak, Tory Burch, Billie Jean King, and Angela Duckworth. Keppler works closely with speakers to develop customized presentations tailored for each audience.

London Speaker Bureau – One of Europe’s largest top keynote speaker bureaus, LSB represents over 4,000 professional keynote speakers, emcees, entertainers, and thought leaders. Headquartered in London, the agency books speakers for events all over the world across diverse industries like technology, economics, adventuring, DEI, and beyond. LSB provides videos and bios to ensure the right speaker fit.

Eagles Talent – With nearly three decades of experience, Eagles Talent focuses on motivational and leadership-oriented keynote speakers. The US-based top keynote speaker bureaus provider represents high-energy, inspirational voices like Jon Gordon, Lisa Bodell, Stacey Hanke, and Doug Lipp. Eagles takes pride on developing relationships with speakers to deeply understand their speaking styles and areas of expertise.

Speakers Spotlight – Canadian agency Speakers Spotlight books talent across North America in categories like business, politics, sports, environment, and healthcare. Major speakers featured include Dr. Michio Kaku, Marlee Matlin, and Ice Universe’s Michelle Romero. Their website allows visitors to search speakers by industry, location, language, and other filters.

SpeakersOffice – For organizers seeking high-caliber thought leaders on topics like the future of work, DEI, business leadership, and more, top keynote speaker bureaus firm SpeakersOffice represents compelling voices. This San Francisco-based boutique agency has booked household names like Amy Cuddy, Simon Sinek, Alan Mulally, and others for clients including Google, Salesforce, and PepsiCo.

Working with an experienced agency streamlines the process of identifying, vetting, negotiating, and coordinating with ideal keynote speakers for events big and small. Be sure to explore all the top speakers bureau options to find the right match.