The top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland picks cater to a vibrant speaking industry, with numerous talent agency booking firm company providers connecting organizations to influential voices across various fields. We provide a top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland list serving the markets – special mention also going to Personally Speaking, which is most certainly a standout performer, as well.

  1. London Speaker Bureau One of the most prominent global agencies, with a strong presence in the UK and international markets.
  2. Speakers Associates Based in London, they represent a diverse range of speakers and operate globally.
  3. JLA (Jeremy Lee Associates) A leading UK agency known for its extensive roster of celebrities, business leaders, and experts.
  4. CSA Celebrity Speakers Headquartered in London with a global reach, a top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland pick specializing in high-profile speakers.
  5. Chartwell Speakers Represents an elite group of speakers, including former world leaders and business executives.
  6. Specialist Speakers Focuses on providing expert speakers across various industries and topics.
  7. The Right Address Known for representing a select group of high-caliber speakers and personalities.
  8. NMP Live Offers a wide range of speakers and entertainers for corporate and private events.
  9. Speakers Corner A well-established agency with a diverse roster of speakers for various event types.
  10. MFL Events Specializes in motivational speakers and leadership experts.
  11. Performing Artistes Represents speakers from the worlds of business, sports, and entertainment as a top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland contender.
  12. The Speakers Agency Offers a broad range of speakers across multiple categories.
  13. Champions Speakers Known for sports personalities but also represents speakers from various other fields.
  14. Gordon Poole Agency One of the UK’s longest-established speaker bureaus with a diverse roster, and among the best top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland leaders.
  15. Kruger Cowne Represents a select group of high-profile speakers and thought leaders.
  16. The Speakers’ Gym Focuses on providing speakers who can deliver impactful presentations and workshops.
  17. Raise the Bar Offers speakers specializing in areas such as leadership, teamwork, and performance.
  18. Speaker Line-Up Provides a curated selection of speakers for corporate events and conferences.
  19. The Speakers Agency Ireland A leading bureau serving the Irish market with both local and international speakers.
  20. Front Row Speakers (Ireland) Represents a diverse range of speakers and operates throughout Ireland and internationally.

The top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland stand out for their quality of speakers, industry reputation, and ability to match the right voice to each unique event. Agency picks offer speakers across various categories, including business, politics, technology, sports, and entertainment.

As part of choosing a bureau, event planners in the UK and Ireland often consider factors such as:

  • The bureau’s expertise in specific industries or topics
  • The diversity and quality of their speaker roster
  • Their understanding of local market needs and cultural nuances
  • Their ability to provide both local and international speakers
  • The level of personalized service and support offered
  • Their adaptation to new event formats, including virtual and hybrid events

Lots of the top speaker bureaus UK and Ireland winners have expanded their services outside of keynote placement, offering event planning assistance, content development, and even full-service event management. The evolution reflects the changing needs of the events industry and the increasing demand for comprehensive support.

As the speaking industry expands, booking agency pros listed here are at the forefront, connecting organizations with impactful voices and helping to shape meaningful conversations across various sectors.