Top speaking agencies in America and speakers bureaus USA picks are mainstays of the meetings and events business. The industry is also home to numerous agencies that connect organizations with influential voices across various fields. We compiled a 25 top speaking agencies in America list, each offering one of a kind strengths and speaker rosters.

  1. Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB): Recognized for high-profile political and business leaders.
  2. Harry Walker Agency: Represents elite speakers, including former world leaders and Nobel laureates.
  3. Keppler Speakers: Offers a wide range of talent, particularly strong in business and sports.
  4. All American Speakers Bureau: As one of the top speaking agencies in America, provides a wide variety of speakers for events of all sizes and budgets.
  5. Leading Authorities, Inc.: Specializes in business, politics, and media personalities.
  6. BigSpeak: Known for Silicon Valley innovators and tech industry leaders.
  7. APB Speakers: Focuses on social justice and civil rights voices.
  8. Premiere Speakers Bureau: Offers a broad range of speakers across various categories.
  9. Celebrity Speakers Bureau: Specializes in celebrity bookings for events.
  10. Provides a user-friendly online service as a top speaking agencies in America pick for presenter selection.
  11. Executive Speakers Bureau: Celebrated for corporate and business speakers.
  12. Gotham Artists: Represents a curated list of thought leaders and innovators.
  13. Champions Speakers: Specializes in sports personalities and motivational speakers.
  14. London Speaker Bureau: Despite the name, has a strong presence in the US market.
  15. Worldwide Speakers Group: Offers a global network of speakers across various industries.
  16. The Lavin Agency: Known for representing authors and intellectuals.
  17. AEI Speakers Bureau: Focuses on economic and political thought leaders given its status among top speaking agencies in America.
  18. Speak Inc.: Offers a diverse roster of speakers for various event types.
  19. National Speakers Bureau: Provides experts for both corporate and association events.
  20. Speakers’ Spotlight: Celebrated for its strong Canadian and US speaker roster.
  21. The Brooks International Speakers Bureau: Specializes in business and motivational speakers.
  22. The Sweeney Agency: Offers a mix of business, sports, and entertainment personalities.
  23. Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau: Represents a broad group of speakers across multiple categories as a top speaking agencies in America contender.
  24. Goodman Speakers: Vaunted for its hospitality industry expertise.
  25. Speaker Booking Agency: Packs a wide range of speakers and easy online booking.

The top speaking agencies in America have established themselves as leaders in the industry through their impressive rosters, professional service, and ability to match the right speaker to each event. Bureaus differ in their areas of specialization, with some focusing on specific industries or types of speakers, while others offer a broader range.

When choosing a partner, event planners often consider factors such as the agency’s reputation, the breadth and quality of their speaker roster, pricing transparency, and the level of support provided throughout the booking process. Many of these top agencies also offer additional services beyond speaker placement, such as event planning assistance, speaker training, and post-event evaluations.

As the industry grows, especially with the rise of virtual and hybrid events, top speaking agencies in America are adapting to meet changing client needs and expectations.