Top speaking agencies in NYC are among the world’s best speaker bureaus today. New York City, a global hotspot for business, media, and culture, is home to some of the most prestigious talent agents and booking companies in the world, after all. The top speaking agencies in NYC connect organizations with influential voices across various fields. We explore a few of the best in the businesses.

Harry Walker Agency

Founded in 1946, the Harry Walker Agency is one of the oldest and most respected top speaking agencies in NYC – and in the country. Located in the heart of Manhattan, they represent an elite group of speakers, including former heads of state, Nobel laureates, and bestselling authors. The firm’s roster includes some of the most sought-after names in politics, business, and entertainment.

Leigh Bureau

Based in New Jersey but serving the NYC market extensively, Leigh Bureau has been a major player in the speaking industry for over 90 years. The company is known for representing thought leaders in business, economics, and technology, making them a go-to agency for corporate events and conferences in the city.

Greater Talent Network (GTN)

Acquired by United Talent Agency in 2017, GTN continues to operate as a top speaking agencies in NYC. Advisors represent a diverse range of talent, from business leaders and political figures to celebrities and athletes. GTN is particularly known for its strong media and entertainment connections.

APB Speakers

While headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, APB Speakers has a significant presence in New York City. The bureau represents a wide array of speakers, with particular strength in social justice, education, and current affairs – topics that resonate strongly with local audiences.

Gotham Artists

A boutique bureau that’s among the best top speaking agencies in NYC, Gotham Artists represents a carefully curated list of speakers across various categories. It’s recognized for its personalized approach and their ability to match speakers with the unique needs of NYC-based events.

World Class Speakers & Entertainers

Serving the New York market from their base in New Hyde Park, the agency offers a broad range of speakers and entertainers. It’s particularly adept at providing talent for corporate events, trade shows, and conferences in the city.

The Lavin Agency

With offices in New York and Toronto, The Lavin Agency is known for representing leading intellectuals, authors, and innovators. As a top speaking agencies in NYC contender, it has a strong presence in New York’s publishing and media circles.

Leaders stand head and shoulders above for their prestigious speaker rosters, deep understanding of the city’s diverse industries, and their ability to provide top-tier talent for events of all sizes. When choosing an agency, planners look at top speaking agencies in NYC and consider factors such as the bureau’s specialization, their connections within specific industries (like finance, media, or fashion), and their ability to provide speakers who can address the sophisticated and diverse audiences typical of New York events.

As New York continues to be a global center for business, finance, media, and culture, partners are bringing thought leadership and innovation to the city’s numerous high-profile events and conferences.