Top speaking agencies USA and speaker talent agency companies are constantly working with meeting planners to build successful programs. The United States boasts a thriving landscape of keynote speaker agencies, each offering a winning roster of talented orators for various events and occasions. The top speaking agencies USA connect organizations with influential voices across diverse fields. We look at standout picks.

Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB)

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, WSB is renowned for its impressive lineup of high-profile speakers. Talent agents represent former world leaders, business executives, and thought leaders. WSB is particularly known among the best top speaking agencies USA for its political and economic speakers, including former presidents and prime ministers.

Harry Walker Agency

Founded in 1946, the Harry Walker Agency is one of the oldest and most prestigious speaker bureaus in the country. Located in New York City, the top speaking agencies USA provider represents an elite group of experts including former heads of state, Nobel laureates, and bestselling authors.

Keppler Speakers

With offices in Arlington, Virginia, and Chicago, Keppler Speakers offers a diverse range of talent. The team is known for their strong roster of business leaders, athletes, and media personalities. The firm prides itself on its personalized approach to matching speakers with events.

All American Speakers Bureau The top speaking agencies USA leader stands out for its extensive network of partners across various categories. From motivational speakers to industry experts, All American Speakers Bureau offers options for events of all sizes and budgets. The crew is particularly adept at helping clients find speakers within specific price ranges.

Leading Authorities, Inc.

Based in Washington, D.C., Leading Authorities represents a wide array of speakers, with particular strength in business, politics, and media. The top speaking agencies USA mainstay is known for its hands-on approach and strong relationships with both speakers and clients.


Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, BigSpeak has made a name for itself with a roster that includes many Silicon Valley innovators and tech industry leaders. The top speaking agencies USA Firm also offers consulting services to help organizations maximize the impact of their speaker engagements.

APB Speakers

American Program Bureau (APB) Speakers, based in Newton, Massachusetts, has a history dating back to 1965. They represent a wide group of speakers, including many prominent voices in social justice and civil rights.

Premiere Speakers Bureau

Located in Franklin, Tennessee, Premiere Speakers Bureau offers a wide range of speakers across various categories. As a top speaking agencies USA, it’s recognized for its strong customer service and their ability to work within different budget constraints.

The top speaking agencies USA contenders have established themselves as leaders in the industry through their impressive rosters, professional service, and ability to match the right speaker to each event. When choosing an agency, event planners often consider factors such as the company’s specialization, reputation, and the level of support they provide throughout the booking process.