It’s a common question: What is a standard keynote speaker fee that you should pay to professional speaking presenters? In fact, it’s one of the most frequent queries that meeting, event and convention planners have. If you’re putting together a conference, here’s a helpful guide to what is a standard keynote speaker fee to be paying.

Tier 1 – The Highest Paid ($100,000+) The top keynote speakers in the world can command fees of $100,000 or more per speech. These are globally-recognized figures like former presidents, CEOs of major companies, celebrities, top authors and athletes. They have incredible name recognition and draw big crowds.

Tier 2 – Well-Known Names ($50,000 – $100,000) In this tier are speakers who are household names with expertise in business, politics, science, sports or entertainment. They maintain a busy schedule on the speaker circuit and have broad appeal to many audiences. What is a standard keynote speaker fee here? Tip – costs are routinely in the high 5-figures.

Tier 3 – Industry Leaders ($25,000 – $50,000) These are respected authorities and thought leaders within their respective fields. They have published influential work and are highly sought out by companies and conferences in their industries. Their insights are valuable and they can command 5-figure fees for keynotes.

Tier 4 – Niche Experts ($10,000 – $25,000) For audiences interested in specific or emerging topics, niche experts can provide unique value and perspective. They closely follow their niche topics like technology, generations in the workforce, healthcare trends, etc. If you’re wondering what is a standard keynote speaker fee in the category, the more specialized appeal commands modest 5-figure fees.

Tier 5 – Established Names ($5,000 – $10,000) Well-versed speakers in this tier have developed a strong personal brand and deliver high-quality presentations. Many are authors, researchers, ex-politicians, professors, or business leaders. Event budgets in this range allow conferences and companies to access experienced speakers.

Tier 6 – Local Experts ($2,500 – $5,000) When audiences have a regional, cultural or topical focus, local experts can provide customized talks. They know the relevant issues and context. Many are professors, authors, researchers, journalists, leaders of regional organizations. What is a standard keynote speaker fee for such folks? You’ll find honorariums are more affordable for local events.

Tier 7 – Developing Speakers ($1,000 – $2,500) At this level are promising up-and-coming speakers who have established credentials and the ability to deliver valuable insights. They may have unique personal experiences in business, sports, politics or science relevant to audiences. They are focused on building their speaking career.

Tier 8 – Entry-Level ($500 – $1,000) Fresh new voices who demonstrate subject matter expertise, strong communication ability and engaging personal stories can access opportunities to share their message. Their affordable fees help event budgets. This allows them to gain exposure and experience as paid speakers while developing their skills and brand.

Tier 9 – Local Professionals ($0 – $500) Many local leaders, subject experts and experienced professionals enjoy sharing their knowledge on relevant topics of interest when opportunities arise. They have much wisdom to impart and don’t rely on speaking fees. Getting expenses covered is adequate payment for them.

Tier 10 – Pro Bono/Expenses Only There are many smart professionals who excel at public speaking and are willing volunteers when they feel passionately about a cause or want to help certain non-profit community groups. Sometimes having their travel expenses reimbursed is compensation enough to participate. Their payment is in making a difference.