While their main purpose is to motivate and uplift audiences, the reality is that the most in-demand motivational speakers are pulling in huge paydays for their words of wisdom andLife lessons. The top tier of these speakers can command well into the six and even seven figure ranges for a single keynote engagement.

So who are the highest paid motivational speakers that corporations, associations, universities and other deep-pocketed clients are writing massive checks to? Here are several of the elite names that rank among the most lucrative in the speaking industry:

Tony Robbins
Arguably the most famous motivational speaker globally, Tony Robbins is estimated to be worth over $500 million from his fire-walking seminars, personal coaching products and books. His per engagement fee can reach into the millions.

Mel Robbins
Not related to Tony, Mel Robbins is another marquee name who is reported to earn around $100,000 per speaking appearance. Her inspirational talks focus on motivating people to overcome self-doubt and drive meaningful change.

Robin Sharma
As a former monk and acclaimed author, Robin Sharma inspires audiences with wisdom for living one’s best life and reaching higher consciousness. His typical fee is around $90,000 per speech.

Gary Vaynerchuk
The charismatic Gary Vee delivers adrenaline-infused messages about entrepreneurial hustle, personal branding and disruptive thinking. He commands up to $250,000 per event.

Eric Thomas
Known for his dynamic and passionate delivery, Eric Thomas is a highly sought-after speaker averaging $100,000 per speaking engagement. His speeches emphasize tapping into greatness and achieving one’s true potential.

Dr. Brené Brown
With over 50 million views of her famous TED talk, research professor BrenĂ© Brown is paid around $100,000 to speak about vulnerability, courage and shame resilience. She’s a powerhouse in the personal growth space.

Magic Johnson
His business success and overcoming HIV make Magic Johnson a popular $100,000+ speaker on achieving against all odds, leadership and determination.

Beyond extremely high speaking fees, the biggest motivational speakers can further capitalize on selling books, online courses, coaching programs and merchandise to amplify their earnings into the tens of millions annually.

What’s clear is that truly exceptional communicators who can captivate audiences with transformative stories and tactics for profound growth and peak performance attain immense earning potential. The highest paid motivational speakers have cracked the code for packaging inspiration into massive monetization.