As businesses and industries face constant disruption and change, the need to understand emerging trends and technologies has never been greater. That’s where futurists come in – these forward-thinking experts analyze data and cultural shifts to forecast what’s next. Several prominent futurists are at the forefront, helping leaders and organizations better prepare for the future.

Scott Steinberg
A renowned keynote speaker and bestselling author, Scott Steinberg is hailed as The Master of Innovation and a leading provider of provocative insights. His focus? Keeping leaders and brands ahead of emerging trends across business, technology, entrepreneurship, and more.

With years of experience analyzing the latest innovations, Steinberg excels at identifying how new developments will impact businesses, industries, and societies down the road. His motivational keynotes equip audiences with foresight on disruptive changes and strategies for driving growth in an era of rapid change.

Amy Webb
As a quantitative futurist and professor of strategic foresight at NYU, Amy Webb founded the Future Today Institute to counsel organizations on emerging tech and disruptions. Each year, her team’s future-forecasting trend reports highlight what leaders need to proactively plan for.

Webb is sought after for her data-driven approach to mapping how sweeping technological shifts like AI, blockchain, and more will impact different sectors in the coming decade. Her guidance helps organizations “future-proof” their strategies and business models.

Paul Saffo
For over two decades, Paul Saffo has explored the dynamics between long-term economic and technological trends through his roles as a Stanford forecasting & engineering professor and chair of future studies at Singularity University.

Saffo’s frameworks for managing the waves of technological change are frequently applied across major corporations and governmental agencies. Through forecasting probable futures, he enables leaders to process uncertainty and solve for unintended consequences more effectively.

Marc Randolph
As the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph is a quintessential entrepreneur, advisor, and futurist who shares unique perspectives on innovation, disruption, and what drives large-scale transformations in business and culture.

Drawing from his experience building one of the most influential companies of our time, Randolph’s forward-looking insights shine a light on future technologies, platforms, business models, and consumer behaviors. His wisdom is a guiding force for future-proofing ideas and strategies.

These leading futurists, among many others, are instrumental voices helping diverse audiences and industries conceptualize and navigate the future implications of emerging trends. Through keynotes, workshops, and advisory roles, they share their visions to inspire innovation and future-readiness at every level.