Projects that workplace guest speakers are typically assigned vary. Top experts further serve as resources for organizations looking to inspire, educate, and motivate their employees. It means that the best workplace guest speakers are often given a variety of tasks tailored to meet specific organizational needs and objectives. We discuss what pros generally undertake.

1. Keynote Addresses
Among the most traditional assignments for experts is delivering keynote addresses at company events, conferences, or annual meetings. Talks and presentations are designed to set the tone for the event, inspire attendees, and provide a fresh perspective on industry trends or organizational challenges. Keynote speeches from workplace guest speakers blend personal anecdotes, industry insights, and motivational messages to engage and energize the audience.

2. Workshop Facilitation
Many organizations engage consultants to lead interactive workshops on specific skills or topics. Sessions might focus on areas such as leadership development, communication skills, time management, or creative problem-solving. Workshops typically involve a mix of lecture-style presentation, group activities, and practical exercises, allowing participants to apply new concepts in a hands-on manner.

3. Team Building Sessions
Top workplace guest speakers get brought in to facilitate team building activities and exercises. Assignments aim to improve collaboration, communication, and trust among team members. Advisors use a variety of techniques from outdoor adventure activities to indoor problem-solving challenges, to help teams work more effectively together.

4. Diversity and Inclusion Training
As organizations prioritize creating more inclusive workspaces, workplace guest speakers with expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are often invited to lead training sessions. Tasks span awareness-raising presentations, interactive discussions on unconscious bias, or workshops on creating more inclusive company cultures.

5. Change Management Support
During times of significant organizational change, workplace guest speakers are brought in to help employees navigate transitions. Think motivational talks to boost morale, workshops on adapting to change, or sessions on managing stress and uncertainty.

6. Leadership Development Programs
All sorts organizations use outside experts as part of their leadership development initiatives. Pros give a series of presentations or workshops designed to enhance leadership skills, provide insights into different leadership styles, or offer guidance on navigating complex business challenges.

7. Innovation and Creativity Stimulation
To foster a culture of innovation, companies may bring in workplace guest speakers to lead brainstorming sessions, creativity workshops, or talks on disruptive technologies and future trends. Work aims to inspire new thinking and encourage employees to approach problems from fresh angles.

8. Health and Wellness Initiatives
As part of employee wellness programs, organizations might engage presenters to address topics such as stress management, work-life balance, mental health awareness, or physical fitness. We’re talking informational presentations, interactive workshops, or guided meditation or exercise sessions.

9. Sales and Customer Service Training
Advisors with expertise in sales techniques or customer service excellence may be brought in to enhance these critical business functions. Tasks often involve a mix of theoretical presentation and practical role-playing exercises.

10. Customized Consulting Projects
Some organizations engage workplace guest speakers for more extended, customized projects like conducting organizational assessments, developing tailored training programs, or providing ongoing coaching and support to leadership teams.

Leaders are assigned a diverse range of projects, all aimed at enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and motivation. Amid leveraging the expertise and fresh perspectives of these professionals, organizations can address specific challenges, inspire their workforce, and drive positive change within their company culture.